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  1. Scenic RX4 Dog Guard fitting

    Just picked up an original webbing dog guard for a Scenic I off eBay. I've had a look and can't see how the top bar of it fits inside the car. I'm wondering if it should have come with a fitting kit. It appears to have two spring loaded telescoping rods at either end plus two hooks that look...
  2. 2009 Koleos Dog guards?

    Hi all, I’ve got a UK 2009 koleos privilege, I’m looking for a suitable dog guard which would fit behind the rear passenger seats, any suggestions of what will fit? :smile2: Thanks!!
  3. My Dog

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    Please note all the below is True, Though there is a joke at the end.. This is why I have had to put this for context of the joke.. We had my daughters dog to look after while she and her husband were overseas ( army man ) This was January 11th 2015,,.. We at the time had a 13 year old...
  4. Locking Renault Clio 2008 with Dog Inside

    How can I lock my Clio with the dog inside and window partially open without setting the alarm? I am sure that it is in the manual, but this appears to me to be more complex than an F1 car! Dog waiting to go out. Thank you in anticipation for any help. John
  5. Megane III hatchback dog guard fitting

    Hi, I bought a dog guard for my Megane III hatch from the local Renault dealer. It came without instructions and requires drilling into the plastic sides of the parcel shelf!! Has anyone fitted one of these before? If so, is it an easy job and what size drill should I use? I'm apprehensive about...
  6. mrs getting back from dog training

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    kept forgetting to take a picture dog has its own belt harness ,so this is them just getting back first as is then the dog looking for a parking space
  7. Message from Tio the dog.

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    Our dog, Tio, knows his way around the back end of cars and the gubbins to be found therein. Our GSII has no spare. I was investigating the compressor and pot of liquid durex, placed them on the ground when the dog cocked his leg on the lot. Is he trying to tell me something? Is someone taking...
  8. Dog cage renault Clio

    Is it possible to remove the rear seats and board out the rear of a 2007 Renault Clio to enable a larger dog cage to be fitted for business purposes.
  9. Clio 2 dog bone problem and ebay lesson!

    Hi, I'm new here and should have joined ages ago... 1999 Clio 2 dog bone I replaced 4 weeks ago. Failed today as below! It was off fleabay and was a forged unit on the listing but came as a cheap ali cast unit which would be weaker and so bang it went. The other mounts are good. Question: Who...
  10. dog owners help needed

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    ok so far in the last 4 years our gsd tala (*****) has had 2 opps for cancer after the first the vets gave her 1 year she went 2 before the 2nd opp but with in a week some lumps turned up again being as she was then 10 years old it would have been too much to ask her to go through it again so...
  11. Mr Dog

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    Hello to everyone ~~~If I can get it out I can get it fixed~~~
  12. Laguna2 Sporttourer Dog Net / Guard

    Hi, back in the fold and after a dog net as above - the last one I had was a mesh net that rolled up when not in use, as opposed to a steel grill. either considered though. thanks in advance,
  13. dog owners

    General Chat
    All you pet lovers out there be aware the uk seems to have a plague of ticks in 20 years or so I may have been lucky my dogs have never had them but in the last week I have removed 5 from one dog and he has only been in the back garden running around it may have been some thing to do with taking...
  14. Laguna 2 dog guard/ cargo net 2003

    Anyone got one of these for sale for a Dynamique Estate (2003)? Almost found one but lost out at the last moment, can collect if needed. Thanks in advance
  15. How to deactivate alarm on Renault Scenic (2008)

    Hi guys I need to leave my dogs in the car from time to time. Is there an easy way to deactivate the internal sensors for the alarm? The manual just has confusing pictures and the easiest way it seems to say is to press the start button 5 times - surely there is an quicker/better way?! And is...
  16. Clio dog bone

    My cars been kangarooing alot for the last week. No engine lights are on. Could it be a worn dog bone as ive just heard it clunk from underneath while acclearating. Its a 55reg clio mark 2 72k miles
  17. Dog guard - help what does it fit???

    Can someone help me with what this fits? I believe it to be genuine Renault as has a beautiful welded on plaque and sticker. Someone please help
  18. clio 2 dog bone mount snapped ?

    I've got a Clio 2 1.2 16v I've been told my 'dog bone mount' has snapped, I've just had a new clutch fitted an told this might be the reason because I wasn't used to the biting point as I set off quick and it went with a bang then the gear stick felt like it fell an is now in a 45° angle can...
  19. Dog Cage for Scenic II

    Does anyone know the maximum size dog cage that will fit behind the rear seats in a 2003 Scenic II ? In particular the maximum depth and length. Thank you.
  20. Watch dog tonight 8pm BBC 1

    Feature on design fault that could cost white van owners thousands. Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan. Anyone guessing injectors? Can't watch but interested if anyone else catches it. Dave