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  1. My mottah!
    Hi All, Lag..... i hate you sometimes:d, Your right though! its German:devil:, 2005 Mercedes Benz C200 Classic SE Saloon Auto 1796cc Kompresser,Supercharger! Yum Yum!,rwd:devil:, 55k, Full Service,Its the very same colour as my Last 1998 C180 Classic, Ive even been good to the...
  2. Towing & Touring Club
    Well iam off on my travels again tomorrow with the caravan to the Calendar to the Gart Caravan site for a couple of nights and its set to be a couple of Cold Nights i believe:crazy: me thinks the heater will be on most of the time:crazy::d then on the way...
  3. Motorsport pics & clips
    Hi well as some of you already know iam off in the Morning to the 2008 Colin McRae Forest Stages:d Sad to think he is not going to be there:( but a good testament to his memory and lets not forget his young son:( Iam no way going to get to all of the stages of this event but i hope to get a...
  4. General Chat
    :eek: :hurl:
  5. Cars & motoring
    Hi well i got the hub back yesterday morning with the new bearing pressed in great so i thought!!!when i returned home i noticed that there was only one surclip on it when there should of been two and the one they forgot to put on was the one on the out side edge of the hub between it and the...
  6. General Chat
    Hi just a little pic of my weekend home:rofl: :rofl: