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door card
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  1. Interiors
    Hi, Has anyone removed a front door card on a mk 5 (2019-2021) Clio? Have found 2 small screws underneath and 2 more under plugs in the door, still seems very solid. Any info anyone has would be appreciated, there doesn’t seem to be much info about on these yet. FYI, need to remove the door...
  2. Interiors
    Can anyone help? I'm trying to remove the front door cards. I've removed all screws yet the door card still seems to be solidly fixed to the door. ANyone know of any tips or tricks to help with the removal? TIA
  3. Interiors
    I've got a 2005 Laguna 2 Sports Tourer that has suffered from the dreaded window drop (woke up one morning & the window was down & won't lift either using the controls or by trying to physically lift it). I've managed to get hold of a replacement window motor etc and I am now trying to figure...
  4. Interiors
    The electric window on the passenger side of my 2002 clio is a bit slow at the moment, so i took the door card off, but here is a guide for anyone that needs to do the same or change a wing mirror, door handle, speaker or electric motor. The drivers door card is removed in the same way as the...
  5. Bodywork
    Hi Today i took a look at a friends clio, the passenger window wont work, cant appear to hear it doing anything.., i got the door panel off but ran out of time (30mins) now that i know how to get it off should be much faster, and ill have an hour 2moz... question is, while the panel is easy to...
1-5 of 7 Results