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    Hi every one This is perplexing me to the point of rage. I hope someone can help? I have a Mk 3 traffic 115 business with the basic stereo head unit. My issue is that when I pair it with my galaxy s8 phone, it will be fine for that journey but will ask to pair again on next start up. If I...
  2. Electronics
    Evening guys. i only just purchased the Megane 55 plate Two days ago along with standard radio. In my previous corsa i was using this one : dont really want to buy another radio as this one does the job with sub . Im not...
  3. Interiors
    A few months ago i bought an 08 Clio 1.5 dci 86 dymanique with the double panoramic sunroof. Unfortunatly the sunroof has never worked. I have tried the master reset thing i read somewhere on this forum but still completely dead, there is not even any noise from the motor when u turn the...
  4. Brakes/Hubs
    Today they changed the ABS unit in my 2010 Renault Fluence (regular engine). They put in a second hand unit. After getting my Fluence back I noticed that my dashboard showed 283.640km instead of the 134.577 when I gave them the car. Is this normal? If I would have entered a brand new ABS unit it...
  5. Electronics
    Hi All I have followed many tutorials on the install of the double din head until in my Megane convertible. I have tried to facia adapters but the unit does not fit flush. Many pictures show double din units sitting flush. Is this OK? Please see picture.
  6. In-car entertainment
    Is it possible to upgrade to a double din on a Renault Laguna III Has anybody done this? Due to pick mine up this weekend and was hoping to get an Apple play stereo put in
  7. General Chat
  8. In-car entertainment
    Hi i have a MK 2 Megane and i have just purchased a double din aftermarket stereo but i can't work out how to mount and secure it ,i have cut the middle bar out of the fascia panel but how can i secure the stereo to the car
  9. Electronics
    Got a 1.4 Scenic that the flashers, flash at double speed when the foot brake pressed? Indicators flash at normal speed till pressing the foot brake. When flashing twice as fast, the lights in the console, side lights and both indicator lights flash ? Also found out that the rear indicators...
  10. Electronics
    Hi. I'm looking to install rear speakers to my 2007 trafic which I fitted with a coach built bulkhead. Has anybody any ideas on the best way to carry this out, as in what and where.
  11. Electronics
    Hello all, nice to meet you! I've just today become the proud owner of a 2012 Renault Trafic sport! The van has come with the built in carminat tomtom Sat Nav. However I wish to upgrade to a double din android unit. After having a search on google and this forum I haven't come back with much on...
  12. Engines
    I have had an intermittant fault on my clio 1.6 auto Initial mk2 series 1. After driving perfectly I will park up and when I return and start it, it will only it sounds run on one or two cylinders. I have put it down to one of the 2 coils and decided to buy a replacement one and change it when...
  13. Electronics
    the window would open but only shut when double locked, after the clutch got fitted the window would not go up at all so i replaced the black box temic clipped on the regulator now the window goes up when you press down and down when you press up, when i double lock the car the window goes right...
  14. General Chat
    I still think not strong enough Texting drivers: Penalty points and fines to double - BBC News
  15. Electronics
    I'm trying to fit a double din unit to my megane 2006 i have removed the original stereo and storage unit underneath it and cut the middle bar out, do i need to cut anything else as I'm struggling to get the final outer facia on any one already done this?
  16. Engines
    Hi all its me again. My car seams dont want to live with me. Had this car for les then a year but never had a brake from it. Cant stop it bleading. Things changed: New crankshaft (solved leak on main end) Then turbo packed up (new turbo) Then head gasket gone (new headgasket bolts water...
  17. Electronics
    Only some doors work with the double button press to lock the car. Are they easily fixable?
  18. In-car entertainment
    Is there any possible way to fit a double din audio visual system into a 2010 modus. I have found a system that offers all I need, but they are all double din, and of course the modus radio/cd is 1 din, is there any hope.
  19. Engines
    sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but i am a noob here and don't really know much about cars. anyway here it goes, i have a clio mk3 55 plate, which i've had for 3 yrs, 100,000k on the clock. the problem is that since the late summer i have noticed a loud ticking sound coming from...
  20. Insurance
    There was a movie with that title,something about getting double payout on life insurance,if the insured died unusually like falling from a moving train? All calculated on odds of course. Recently in ireland weve had a lot of adds..Its 4women. not its 4polish/whites/asians Motor insurance...