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    Please note that the forum will be closed shortly for some very minor maintenance which should take no longer than about 30 minutes.
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    Apologies for this morning's downtime. I'm not sure what cause it, but a server reboot appears to have done the trick. We do have a server space issue which I'm looking into. Other than that, I'll monitor the server for today and keep an eye on it.
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    Apologies for this morning's downtime. This was caused by a disk space issue which resulted in some routine maintenance going wrong. Everything appears to be Ok with the databases and the forum is now switched on again.
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    Now that the site is back up after probably the most prolonged outage since it was started in 2005, I can apologise for the problems we have experienced in the last 24 hours. I still do not know what has caused the outage but will be reviewing our current hosting arrangements. Thank you for...
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    Apologies for today's prolonged downtime. The fault has been identified and a fix will be in place shortly to avoid this in the future. Unfortunately, this downtime coincided with some problems at the office which, naturally, had to be dealt with first. I note that Asterix has reported some...
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    Apologies for the very brief outage. We experienced a mySQL problem. Our host has acted promptly in restarting mySQL for me and everything seems to be OK again now.
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    Today's downtime was caused by us overwhelming our current hosting package. We have too many visitors and too many connections running on our database. We have attempted once to switch to our own server, but had a technical issue which our hosting company could not solve. We are now being...
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    There will be brief closure of the forum some time in the next hour to test a new automated backup facility. Please take the opportunity to get out and enjoy some fresh air. :d Thank you.
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    The recent site downtime was clearly a major outage at our ISP as both their corporate website and their status reporting facility were down at the same time. I will raise a ticket with them to see if any more problems are likely. Unfortunately, with this sort of problem there is absolutely...
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    Today's downtime was due to a problem at our ISP which affected a number of websites, including RenaultForums. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    We have had some down time this afternoon. Our server is hosted in New York. This is because of a specific set of requirements that were required for our forum setup and the host we selected could offer that to us According to our ISP there have been ice storms in New York which have caused...
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    Couldnt acces this sie for 1.5 hours now ok?!
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    A quick review of last night's downtime Firstly, this was not a billing problem as suggested by the page that was shown. Our payments were up to date A couple of days ago HostRocket (our ISP, and referred to below as HR) upgraded the shared server that we run on from PHP4 to PHP5. There were...
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    Sorry about that - we just had about 20 minutes downtime. This appeared to be an infrastructure problem at HostRocket. I'm backing up the databases just to be on the safe side as we speak, but I doubt this was anything to do with our server
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    Today's downtime was caused by a failure in the hardware at our ISP but has now been resolved