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  1. Do I have the common DPO Autobox problem?

    I know problems with DPO gearboxes have come up a million times on the internet but I wanted to know if my problem is the common fault that requires sensors changing at great cost (and with no guarantee that it will fix it!). My problem is with my 2001 8V 1.4 Kangoo, it has 66,000 miles on the...
  2. Scenic dpo input speed sensor

    I've recently acuired a 2001 Rebault Scenic Auto and I'm having problems witha slight mmisfire on tick over and the gearbox going into 'limp' mode. I've checked and changed 3.5 litres of oil per threads on here .I've had it code read and all it is coming up with is 'a/t circuit turbine rpm...
  3. DPO Tools

    Hello Everyone. I have a 2000 reg Scenic with a DPO gearbox. I've removed, stripped and cleaned the valve body plus replaced the Pressure Regulator and Lock Up solenoids. Everything is going fine. But now I want to refit everything I have come upon a slight snag. I need the tool for locking down...
  4. Dpo transmission

    Hi. I am from New Zealand. I have a Lutecaia 2001 1.6(believe same as Clio). It has a DPO auto transmission and has a broken band (the one closest to engine) Could some one please advise: Why this has happened? Do I replace both bands, why it is bits? Do I need to replace other parts? Such as...
  5. DPO Transmission Seals

    I have an oil leak on my transmission, and suspect the shaft seals, though not 100% sure yet, but wanted to be one step ahead !! Has anyone done this job on a Scenic (2003) with DPO transmission ? The info in the Haynes manual for the job seems to talk about all other transmissions, but not...
  6. laguna 2004 DPO automatic gearbox

    can somene tell me what the filler plug on the top of the transmission looks like on a laguna 2004 DPO automatic gearbox. the haynes manual is pretty useless, just shows a black dot. is it a hex nut or a round plug with a square hole or female torx ? anyone got a photo of its location?
  7. Dpo gearbox problems

    Hi, Hope someone can help me out on here. I have just recently bort a renualt scenic 1.6 automatic on a 51 plate with a dpo gearbox & all was good for about a month then the car started to play up by not wanting to drive properly after about a mile or two like it was reving high & slipping &...
  8. DPO TRANSMISSION - Im'e Going In !

    I have the F3 Brake band kit in my hand for my 1999 clio auto . So Far so Good :d Tomorrow I open it up ! :confused: Any advice welcome ! :confused:
  9. DPO 056 Dirty automatic gearbox oil?

    Hi, You can see by my other post I have a auto gearbox issue on my 2005 Grand Scenic II 2.0L -DPO 056. It's going into the garage tomorrow for a diag but before I start to blow money I decided to jack the car up. The sump plug for the gearbox seems to be in two parts so I only quickly release...
  10. Strange things with DPO box

    Here goes- At first, two lower gear indicators on the dashboard which show D N P R , so now it only displays P and R?. two of them completely gone. OK this didnt bother me as much. Some months later it started going to limp mode whenever it wanted. ( the solenoid issue ? ) And somewhy the...
  11. renault espace auto dpo al4 gearbox filter change

    I am having trouble with my auto gearbox and am going to do a filter and oil change on it before i look more I depth. And was just wondering how easy is it to change the filter as Renault states that is a sealed unit and does not need replacing which i think is a load of rubbish if anyone can...
  12. dpo auto

    dpo auto gerarbox when drive in first gear when it must shift to second it jumps to neutral they just overal gearbox but i think the valve body
  13. DPO gearbox oil capacity.........

    Hello, does anybody know the capacity of a DPO 044 gearbox in litres please ? Thanks
  14. 02 clio dpo auto box

    Tools & equipment
    Can anyone tell me if i ned any specialist epuipment to fit an exchange auto box to my clio 1.4 16v auto. Also, has anyone had any dealings with Renpart. They have adds on ebay. cheers Mick
  15. Laguna II 2.0 16v DPO Gear box jumps to safe mode

    I have the Laguna II 2.0 16v Dynmanic with the DPO box that jumps to safe gear while driving. I have had it on a Diagnostic Machine which gave the ERROR Code: 002 on the print out. This is driving me mad as I have to stop and restart the car to clear it. Could any one please point me in the...
  16. laguna 2 DPO fluid change

    i know they say sealed for life but to me thats old tosh so had a look in the haynes and seems easy enough to do the only bit is the fluid being at 60 degrees my questions are is this critical and if so could i use a laser thermometer pointed at sump also would it not be possible if say...
  17. scenic DPO auto gearbox

    help with DPO auto gearbox hi all hope you can help me i have a 2002 senic when i put it in park the warning light come on so i have to turn the car off an put it in to neutral. if i put it to (r) on the display the (d) lights up but it is flashing, if i pull it down to gear 1 it does not go in...
  18. help with DPO auto gearbox

    hi all hope you can help me i have a 2002 senic when i put it in park the warning light come on so i have to turn the car off an put it in to neutral. if i put it to (r) on the display the (d) lights up but it is flashing, if i pull it down to gear 1 it does not go in. the car drives fine on...
  19. Espace DPO issue

    Hi i have a unusual problem with my DPO gearbox at firs it started to show an error massage with the gearbox and would go into limp mode, this happened when the engine is on operating temperature and with a cool engine the gear change is ideal. After a few months when i start the car on the...
  20. Gear change cable problem

    I have a 2003 Renault Scenic Automatic with a DPO gearbox. I am regularly having a problem with the cable end popping off the ball on the selector lever on the gearbox. I can get the cable end back on the ball very easily, but there does not seem to be any clip to hold it in place, and when...