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  1. Dream

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A friend of Donald Trump's told him that he had a fantastic dream the other night. There was a really, really big, huge parade in Washington celebrating Trump. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of happy people lined the parade route, and cheered and cheered when Donald went past. It was...
  2. my dream car

    My mottah!
    hi,im dave, just joined the group after getting a car ive always loved and wanted
  3. A Bad Dream?

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Rose was taking an afternoon nap on New Year's Eve before the festivities. After she woke up, she confided to Tim, her husband, 'I just dreamed that you gave me a diamond ring for a New Year's present. What do you think it all means?' 'Aha, you'll know tonight,' answered Tim smiling broadly...
  4. Live the dream..

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Afford to live again: You can get a lot of home heating for 149 a month. ;)
  5. dream

    Jokes & funny stuff
    I went to the Doctors. He said, "What appears to be the problem?" I said, " I keep having the same dream night after night, beautiful girls rushing towards me and I keep pushing them away." He said, " How can I help?" I said,"Break my arms!"
  6. Dream Cars

    General Chat
    i was wondering and browsing the internet and found my dream car! Shelby GT500 2010 edition I think that would be one beast of a car!:devil: if you dont know what it looks like just google it Just wondered what you pepole think and what would your dream car be??
  7. Gay Olympic 200m dream in tatters

    World champion Tyson Gay fell in the US 200m trials to end his hopes of winning an Olympic sprint double in Beijing. Gay, who won gold in the 100m and 200m in Japan last year, grabbed at his hamstring after tumbling to the track with severe cramp...
  8. Zara's Olympic Dream Disappointment

    More here
  9. Premier League's Big Four dream team

    Obviously peoples opinion would differ hugely on this subject due to everyones various loyalty's. I think also how many of the players would actually compliment each other in a team, It's not just about picking a team of great players but how many could actually play together in a team ...
  10. 'Sad end' for football team dream

    Really feel for Gretna:o Gretna FC's move towards administration has been described as a "sad end to the dream" by the town's MSP.
  11. I had a really weird dream last night

    General Chat
    I had this weird dream last night where I was fighting with a giant Marshmallow :( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When I woke up I had eaten the pillow :d :p :)
  12. A Blondes Dream

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A blonde keeps having the same weird dream, so she goes to her doctor. Doctor: "What is your dream about?" Blonde: "I am being chased by a vampire..." Doctor: "So, where are you in this dream?" Blonde: "I am running in a hallway." Doctor: "Then what happens?" Blonde: "Well, that's the weird...
  13. Dream garage

    General Chat
    OK,you've just one a double rollover lottery draw!.Which 5 cars would you have in your dream garage?. You can't choose more than one car from any single manufacturer,and you have to post a picture of each car and a short expaination why chose each one.:) My 5 are.... A Maybach to be ferried...
  14. dream woman

    Jokes & funny stuff
    :rofl: have a look at this borrowed from for broard minded adults only. Dream girl Dream girl - Assemble the woman of your dreams - on Bore Me Rigid :rofl:
  15. Dream Girl

    Jokes & funny stuff
    WARNING: The following may contain adult content that is unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humour or irrational religious beliefs. If this is you, complain. Those of you with an overwhelming fear of the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no...
  16. Bad dream!

    General Chat
    The recent talk of the A-team and He-man on the forum has reminded of a program called 'Terrahawks'(I think) They were strange square ball shaped characters that used to end each program with a game of noughts and crosses.One of them was voiced by the Welsh bloke from It Ain't Half Hot Mum and...