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  1. Renault Laguna 17 Drenalic Alloys with Yokahoma tyres ** SOLD**

    For sale
    I am selling a set of 4 Drenalic alloys from a Laguna 2. Thought they would fit my Laguna 3 but they don't hence they are for sale. Looking for offers around £250. For full details please see my ebay listing here
  2. Set of 17" Drenalic alloys

    I think that's the name of them lol, they were standard on the MK2 facelift Laguna 205/175 gt circa 2006! Please pm me if you have a set for sale,cheers!
  3. 2.0T 205GT Alloys, Drenalic

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, long time no post. Can anyone help me? Recently purchased the Laguna II 2.0T 205GT the front alloys are well kerbed and really require either refurbishment or replacement. Problem is that they appear to be either a 'shadow chrome' or 'nickel' effect and some alloys sourced from a renault...