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  1. Dress Codes

    General Chat
    Starting a new job on Monday so Ive been into town and bought some "smart" suits from Solitaire... black tops and skirts. Im not actually sure if they enforce a dress code but thought better safe than sorry. Up to now Ive always been able to go to work in casual dress. Does your employer enforce...
  2. 70's fancy dress

    General Chat
    Ok so the selwonk & I are shortly going to a 70's fancy dress party and I am REALLY struggling with what to wear. Selwonk has gone with the Blues Brothers which is a fantastic idea - simple but very effective! And simple is what I am after - really not in to paying to hire a costume and also...
  3. final touch to fancy dress out-fit

    Cars & motoring
    help needed, am going to a 194'2 theme fancy dress do soon, have got my gear almost sorted, just need the final touch i.e a pair of size 9 raf pilot's flying boots, running low on funds at mo' tho' , have tried the usual outlets charity shops, army surplus store's, even e-bay but have come up...