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  1. First car wanted for young driver

    Small engine, long mot. Must be good condition. Bit of bodywork damage I dont mind, oil leaks I do! Must be reasonably priced too
  2. I can hear water dripping inside the driver door! MEGANE III

    Hello everyone. If I'm sat in the car when its raining, I can here a slow thud of water dripping. The noise is coming from the driver door. No water is getting into the cabin. I've recently done work on this door. I changed the actuator, which involved removing the door card. I put everything...
  3. Driver door won't unlock? (MEGANE III) *** Fixed ***

    When I press the unlock button on my key card, all the doors unlock except the driver door. The driver door will only open from the inside. I tried spraying some WD40 on the actuator but it didn't help. You can hear the mechanism buzzing as if something is stuck (not turning) each time I press...
  4. Wing mirror driver's side

    Hello and thank you for reading this message. Will a 2009 Modus driver's side wing mirror fit a 2006 Modus 1.4 Dynamique? Today a passenger in a parked car open their door taking the driver's side wing mirror off my step daughter's 2006 Modus. I have tracked down a second hand 2009 Modus wing...
  5. Megane 3 (2012) Expression Estate Driver Door not locking

    Hi guys! I have searched any related posts to my issue, but no results. So, here is it: since couple of days my driver door doesn't lock. Realised before a short delay locking this door, but now it doesn't sound at all, neither locks. ***x1f61e; Is there any chance to get some helpful tips or...
  6. Driver side lights not working

    Yesterday I noticed my headlight wasn***8217;t working so I changed the bulb and nothing. At this point I also noticed my front side light was also not working anymore (changed the bulb to a LED bulb with a built in resistor). At this point my back light WAS working. I got the multimeter out and...
  7. Grand Modus Driver Door Won't Lock Using Fob (but does from within)

    Hey (tried posting in the correct area but it won't allow me) I have just purchased a Grand Modus with 82,000 2008 model with the 1.2 TCE engine. The problem is, the driver door won't lock with the fob however does lock when sitting inside and using the dash button to lock the doors. Tested...
  8. Grand Scenic MK3 (2010) driver door lock locked.

    Hi all, I have a 2010 Renault Grand Scenic and the drivers door doesn't unlock any more with the remote central locking, all the other doors work ok. The lock can still be closed with the central locking. I'm lead to believe from searching around the web that its the door lock actuator /...
  9. Death Of Sprint Car Driver Greg Hodnett

    Sept. 20, 2018 — It is with heavy hearts that we express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Sprint Car driver Greg Hodnett and the Heffner Racing team. Hodnett, 49, of Spring Grove, PA, passed away following a crash during a Sprint Car race Thursday night at BAPS Motor...
  10. Vonhaus 230V Impact Driver

    As requested. Search for "Vonhaus 230V Impact wrench" Bought from Domu ebay shop- they're the main importer- at £39.99, this is the corded version. There is a cordless model at £80 odd. Supplied with a pair of double-ended 17-19 and 21-23mm sockets, although I didn't use these -I got a Sealey...
  11. CLIO MK2 1.4 Coolant leak (driver side)

    Heating & cooling
    Hi i have a coolant leak coming from drivers side where is this coming from
  12. Scenic 2011 driver door

    Have a late 2011 scenic. Today while putting up drivers windoe it stopped half way. The panel on drivers door seems to not be working. None of the 4 windows it operates is working and neither is the electric mirrors but the red led light on button to lock rear windows is constantly lit. Took...
  13. Laguna 2 Electronic Driver's Seat

    I've managed to break my electronic driver's seat - after dropping some money down the side of the seat and scrambling around under the seat to retrieve it, I seem to have disconnected something that controls the forward and backward motion of the seat (all of the other controls work) -...
  14. Laguna 2 Driver's side rear electric window problems

    Hi, The rear (driver's side) electric window on my Laguna 2 has dropped overnight (a week or so ago) & won't budge either using the switches or by using brute force & ignorance. Having read some similar topics on here, I bought a replacement regulator (with motor attached) & have now fitted...
  15. Laguna 1 estate driver window not working

    Hi My aging Laguna driver electric window will not work. Checked motor ok, passenger side works fine so not fuse, door switch seems fine. Can't find any broken cables etc window just decided not to work. No sound from motor, does not seem to be getting voltage. No one touch unit on console...
  16. Megane III (59 Reg) bypassing driver side occupancy sensor

    I've had what seems to be a common problem with my 59 reg Megane III of the airbag/service light appearing intermittently. After a little poking around and checking the under-seat plugs (I am in no way a competent spark so didn't do a good check) I took it to my local garage who read the ODB...
  17. Megane Mk3 Driver's Door Lock

    Hi, I've also posted on the interiors section. My daughter's Megane Mk3 (MY09) 5 door hatch has the common fault of intermittent cqentral locking, so I'm looking to replace the driver's door lock. Other than brand new locks there seems to be a shortage of secondhand parts, all I can find is for...
  18. Mk2 Clio 2004 driver door issue

    Hi my driver door has been a bit bumpy when closing it felt like it had dropped a bit I needed to lift the door to close it but today when I opened door i t dropped loads and I realised that the top hinge has came away from the door completely. The hinge is still moveable but it has came away...
  19. Driver window

    Can anyone help, drivers window never worked now ive double clicked my fob and the drivers window went down and not go back up. Any quick fix will be helpfull thanks Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  20. Clio driver's side rear brake not working.

    Hi everyone, hoping for a bit of guidance here with this issue. Car is a 1998 3 door Clio, front brakes are solid disks, rear are the small hub variant (I'm led to to believe this info helps). Car is braking and working fine on all four corners except for the driver's side rear drum. The...