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  1. Campervan Chat
    Does anyone know where to get new driveshafts with smaller diameter splines at the hub end? I***8217;ve tried to buy new ones twice using the reg but they all have 28mm diameter which is too big!
  2. Transmissions
    Hi All The wife's car is making a few noises which I think is the outer cv joints. Been to the garage who said they are a bit noisy (both outers have popped the cv boot retaining clips previously and have been repacked with grease and new clips on the gaiter) and nothing else suspension wise...
  3. Engines
    Just wondering if anybody out there knows where to actually source driveshafts for my 2002 avantime dci? I see them listed, and indicated as in stock, but nobody seems to have them. I know the Avi was based on the espace, but not sure if the mk III espace diesel driveshafts and cv joints are the...
  4. Transmissions
    Hi I need to know if a 2006 Megane II 1.5 dci driveshaft & hub will fit my 2005 Megane II 1.6? Or could a 2009 Megane III 1.6 driveshaft and hub fit mine? I've changed both sides of mine recently (Hubs and driveshafts) with parts off ebay but they are humming badly again so I'd like to know...
  5. Transmissions
    Hi, Could anyone advise me on the correct driveshafts for my car? I have a 2003 Reg Renault Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v. I need both the driver side and offside driveshafts. I have looked on a parts website and I am confused as there are some with 44 ABS teeth and some with 26 ABS teeth. I have...
  6. Transmissions
    Hello guys!! I need some help.Does anybody know if the clio 172 ph1 has straight driveshafts? Thanks!!
  7. Steering and Suspension
    Having disconnected the o/s/f driveshaft from the suspension and removed the midpoint crescent shaped bracket do I need to to prise the shaft out of the gearbox.? Any answers Derek 171
  8. Transmissions
    has anybody used a company called J&R cv joints and driveshafts before ? they are very cheap in comparison to anybody else ,is there a reason for this ? thanks in advance
  9. Wheels & tyres
    Hello everybody . I'm needing to change my driveshafts on my megane , i've looked on ebay and i don't know which ones to get . The answer i got from one of the sellers was = ABS or non ABS? Glide pin fixing or spring loaded inner joint? Renault don't make it easy!.. Mine is ABS , but...
  10. Transmissions
    The driveshafts on my 04 Clio 1.5 DCi 100 are knocking and I aim to change them soon. I would like to know if the shafts are the same on all the Clio 1.5 DCi models, or are mine different because it is a 100 horse power model ? Also; are there other, stronger, shafts available to fit my car as...
  11. Transmissions
    hi is it possible to fit driveshafts from different engine models 1.8petrol/diesel etc to the 1.6 16v 5 speed abs mk1 laguna and do mk2 laguna shafts fit,reason being the diff has collapsed and chewed the roller bearings on the passenger side,ive fitted a replacement box,could i tap the tripod...
  12. Brakes/Hubs
    hi there. as title asks.. I'm desperate. My mech said yesterday the rubber surround is off and theres no grease at all on it. I'm driving to work at 40mph with the juddering feeling like an artheritic alcoholic. these are on eBay... 2002 Clio 3dr 1.2 8v Renault Clio 2007 1.5 DCI t MK2...
  13. Transmissions
    Hello chaps, picked up an S reg 1999 MK1 Scenic Monaco Automatic with the venerable 2.0 8v engine, and i'm having a real problem getting a cheap driveshaft for it. Its the only thing stopping the old girl getting back on the road. The N/S driveshaft has ruined itself at the gearbox end, and...
  14. Engines
    What can i use to replace the outer driveshaft gaiter retaining clips(large ones) that have broken, is it possible to use Cable Ties or Large hose Clips, and are these acceptable for an MOT providing they secure the gaiter. :confused:
  15. Engines
    Bit random but i was wondering is the any other renault that shares the same driveshafts that i have in my 95 1.2 clio? I presume all the mk1 clio shafts are the same{please correct me if im wrong},were the same shafts used in megans for example?
  16. Engines
    hi - can the cv joints on the end of the driveshafts for a megane 2 1.5dci be reconditoned or replaced, instead of buying brand new driveshafts ? ta
  17. Engines
    My daughter has just bought a Jan 1999 1.6 (8 valve) Megane Scenic MPV - Manual gearbox. I have noticed that there is a light clicking noise when turning either left or right & suspect both CV joints are on their way out (90,000 mls). I believe you can only buy the driveshafts after a little...
  18. Engines
    Are the driveshafts fitted to this model (particularly the driver's side) common to any other model? I mean, are they the same as fitted to the 1.8 version, for example... or for that matter, to Laguna 1's... or anything else? Also, I read somewhere that you can't get the CV joints separately...
  19. Engines
    Hi When i put my foot down a little in my clio there is a knocking noise and also when im turning, iv been told its the driveshafts and they are like this as my car has been lowerd, would replacing them be a good idea? would anything else need changeing?, would new ones just start doing it...
  20. Engines
    Have a noisey driveshaft that needs replacing but was told that there were two types for this model?,can any one tell me which one I need?,many thanks.