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  1. Motorway Driving

    General Chat
    So what impact does motorway driving have on a vehicle ? I'm assuming all the liquids in the car get used faster than if you were driving around built up/city areas. So after prolonged periods of driving , one should always check the liquids. What are the other things that should be checked ...
  2. Clio suddenly moves either left or right while driving

    Please can someone help me, I have a Clio 2006 it's the older model you can be driving down the road then all of a sudden it'll jump either left or right I've had the brakes done I've had the tracking done and checked I've checked myself all around can't seam to see anything I would be really...
  3. intermitent non-starting driving me crazy! espace 2.2dci starter not engaging

    Good evening people, Ive got an annoying intermittent problem on our espace 2005 2.2dci. Sometimes it will start fine. but more and more recently, generally it will not. Basically you press the start button and there's a click but the starter does not engage. I replaced the battery which is...
  4. Car just stopped while driving

    Hi l have just been dropped home by my breakdown cover my car stopped for no reason while driving home and now it will not start it***8217;s trying to tick over but it just won***8217;t start it says break fault any ideas Renault Megane mk2 07
  5. Car just stopped while driving

    Hi I***8217;ve just been dropped home by my breakdown cover, my car stopped out of nowhere while driving home and now it won***8217;t start. It***8217;s trying to tick over but just won***8217;t, it says break fault any ideas? Renault Megane mk2 07
  6. Eco driving indicator

    General Chat
    Hi I have a Renault Clio 2014 model and I can***8217;t seem to turn on the eco driving indicator light that changes colour to how your driving iv been told to check the media nav but there***8217;s no options on there for it can anyone help please
  7. Driving without Dashboard display (Scenic II)

    Hi there, I am planning on sending my scenic mk II dashboard display away to be repaired. Just wondering, am I still allowed to drive without it because obviously I won't be able to see what speed I'm doing. I do plan on using a separate speedometer that I already own but I was just...
  8. Like driving on ice!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all Just seen my Laguna 3 go off to the dealer I bought it from, and am hoping to get some suggestions and advice. Bought car early September and have done about 600 miles - from a dealer with 6 month statutory warranty. Was driving yesterday and pulled out to overtake a lorry on a dual...
  9. Driving advice for Clio Mk 2

    General Chat
    I got the Clio Mk2 1.9 diesel like a month ago and i would like some tips. I can get the car moving by only releasing the clutch without pressing the gas pedal and it just moves at a set speed, its actually how i do it every time, release the clutch completly and then add gas. Is that OK to...
  10. Clio 2004 gearstick moving while driving

    Hi, i went to the garage and explained that my gearstick moves while accelerating, he said that i need to replace the dogbone gearbox mount, i then replaced the dogbone mount but its still the same and gears still move when driving, i think he must have replaced tge wrong component should i have...
  11. Car stopped while driving

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Renault Trafic t1000 1987 1.7 petrol , pulling into service station and stopped 200m before , no sputter just a clean stop . Tried cranking , cranks but doesn't fire . Any ideas what it could be ? Thank you
  12. Driving style indicator

    Hi guys me again just trying to learn my Clio lol. I'm still waiting for my stop start to start working also not sure if my 2015 Clio 0.9 TCE should have driving style indicator or is that for a different model. All help appreciated
  13. While driving loud alarm sounds but no lights come up

    Hardly used very low mileage Clio 1.2. 2015 reg. Left shop car park in heavy rain and suddenly a loud continuous alarm (siren type - I don't have an alarm fitted) sounded. No dashboard lights came up. Sounds ridiculous but someone had put a paper card ad on windscreen under wipers and I wondered...
  14. Megane II 1.6l 2005, weird sound while driving

    I ran into this kind of problem couple of days ago. During cooler weathers my Megane started making weird noises while driving: I recorded that today (a bit warmer and wet weather, somewhere around 0 celsius) and it did that sound just once but last time it was...
  15. Driving within the Eu after brexit..

    General Chat This might affect some but not me..:laugh: another way to screw money out of people as far as I am concerned..
  16. Jerky Driving, Intermittent Engine Management Light

    Hi All, About a month ago I started the car up to go to work, started driving... Was ok for about a mile or so, then the engine management light came on (blinking, not solid) and the drive became incredibly jerky, not limp mode though. Turned off engine, and then back on. Light was gone...
  17. 53 plate scenic 1.9 dci just stopped while driving home

    Hi Guys, My scenic 1.9 dci showed up low oil pressure while I was driving home, but like a right tool I carried on driving as it seemed everything was fine and I was on a motorway, I had checked the oil level before setting off from work to travel home so I knew that the levels were all fine, It...
  18. high revs during driving

    Hi, My car , megane hatchback type 2 . 2 liter 16 V is going really high in revs when driving on the motorway. Is't doing almost 3000 rpm, and makes enough noise, car is running 1000 rpm idle. Not sure where to look for? Anyone who knows about this problem?
  19. Clio 2013 Dynamique - Driving Style

    Hi all, The drivers manual states that in order to enable or disable the driving style light on the dash then you need to refer to the Media Nav documentation. There is no information about how to enable this at all. The Media Nav is fully up to date and since it doesn't have any options that...
  20. Jerking motion whilst driving in all gears

    Good Day Guys New on here, I hope you all can help a clueless Clio driver. I have a 2008 Clio 1.2 va va voom. Went in for a major service a month and a half ago. Cambelt, head gasket etc. I have a jerking motion when driving and this is in all gears. It feels like the car is losing power. I...