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  1. Check ingition warning when revs drop to idle and turbo stops working.

    Hi, I have a 2007 1.9 DCI Scenic. I have read lots of posts about the P0235 code (that I have) and the various causes and remedies. Haven't found a post with exactly the same symptoms. If I start the car, immediately run the revs to 1500 and move off keeping the revs up all is well. Once I...
  2. Price drop on SSD Drives

    Computer Club
    Good prices on SSD drives up to 2Gb , 120 Gb £17.99
  3. Gas drop out vent

    I am converting an ex Yorkshire Water 2010 Vivaro and want to lift the fitted rear floor to clean and insulate below, however there is a gas drop out vent on either side that is connected to an open pipe that comes out under the van. I get the floor up about 30mm and then it jams - has...
  4. What happened ?!! - fitted a new ARB drop link and...

    What happened ? - fitted a new ARB drop link **Fixed** The o/s CV joint appears to have locked up to result in a banging one can feel through the floor of the car. All I did was replace the ARB drop link to not understand what happened - any ideas ? Anyway I know it's the CV joint as it no...
  5. 2015 Renault Master Sudden Voltage Drop

    I have a 2.3 diesel Master and lately it will suddenly lose all electric power to the point that I can***8217;t even turn on the hazard lights. The voltage will drop from 12.7v to Just under 3.0v with no warning and then will just come back to life and start and drive just fine. This...
  6. Power surge then drop off 15dci scinic mk 3 2012

    Hi when accelerating I get to about 2000 revs the engine then fluctuate s between 2000/3000 reves loosing and gaining power usually when warm the car runs fine it's covered 50000 miles cam belt change last year (it was happening prior to the changed belt ) no warning lights I was thinking...
  7. clio 2004 1.2 16v. sudden fuel economy drop

    Fuel Economy
    i've recently had a slew of problems with my clio, clutch replacement, broke down due to cylinder misfire :/. the misfire turned out to be from a faulty injector. in figuring out it was the injectors i also replaced the pre-cat lambda sensor. Since the injector replacement i have had a...
  8. megane cc should windows drop a little when opening the door?

    Hi On the Megane CC should the windows drop slightly when opening the doors similar to other cabriolets? Just asking as I have one that doesn't do that and water is coming in where the seal joins in between the windows at the top. Thanks Kenny
  9. Idle drop during stationary

    Hello, I have a Renault Clio Grande 1.2. For a while now I've noticed the idle drops around 100-200rpm when the car is stationary and in neautral. But only recently has it become more frequent, I believe it could be misfiring, but one big thing I noticed was when I was testing the HT Leads with...
  10. MPG drop after dealer service

    Fuel Economy
    Hi I have a megane tourer 2012 1.5dci with 116k miles - full dealer service history. The car always done 53-55 mpg, however that DROPPED to 48 max after a recent full major service at a local renault dealer (just before xmas). I chalked the drop maybe upto worn tyres / shorter colder trips but...
  11. voltage drop measuring voltage across earthing **Fixed**

    When u test a voltmeter across the battery you on average 12.5v (14.5?? When engine running) if you connect the negative led from voltmeter to the car earth point instead of the battery nagative terminal should the reading still be 12.5v ? I had a reading of only 8.5v. Does this mean there is a...
  12. Revs drop when brake pedal is pushed

    Hi guys never noticed this before but this morning I was sitting in my trafic minibus 08 plate 2.0 litre dci 115 , and while I was stationary with my foot slightly on the accelerator to get heat I put my foot on the brake and the revs died right down to tick over ?? Is this normal ? I've only...
  13. Megane drop links

    Steering and Suspension
    I'm trying to tidy up a Megane saloon it's 2003. It needs drop links but there seems to be 2 different sizes 266 and 283 mm. Does anyone know which one is correct it's a 1.5 diesel 80 brake, thanks. The links on the car seem to be very close to the wishbones
  14. Sudden drop in power

    Hi, Driving on the motorway. So about 70mph and about 3 times on the way here (a 4hr journey) all of a judden just with foot down the power sudden drops as if ive took my foot off. Im not though. Sometimes speed comes back without doing anything and sometimes I have to take foot off a bit and...
  15. renault laguna 2 drop in power

    Hi recently had problems with renault laguna 2 1.9dci loss of power limp mode, tempatature guage fluctuating was intermitant then full power back, cleaned egr was full of oily mess refitted still no inprovement changed temparature sensor still not working finally got to the fix of the problem...
  16. voltage drop

    Hi i have been haveing a problem solveing this problem but have sourced it to the heating unit when switched on voltage drops any help to fix this would be appreciated tia
  17. Anti roll bar drop links MOT fail

    Steering and Suspension
    I have just got back from having my Clio MOT work done. It failed on the anti roll bar drop links. Both had to be replaced. I looked back to last year's MOT fail list and the same pins were replaced then. I use the same independent Renault mechanic every year so he did the work last year...
  18. Will 172 engine drop easy in 182

    I am having a massive issue with my engine needing replaced... i have a on-going debate on eBay and a few people i know are saying no it won't fit and requires massive modification. I have been offered engine for £275 with upper inlet manifold from 172 as he says that will fit right in like...
  19. Drop subframe to remove transmission

    I have a 2003 Vel Satis 2.2dci and after sorting out several problems I come to find that the slave cylinder for the clutch is leaking! It only has 80,000 km on it but it has been sitting too much. Anyway - the trany needs to come out. I have pulled the transmission on a Laguna 2 and did not...
  20. scenic drop links?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi All I have a knocking coming from both front sides when going over bumps in road and after some internet searching am told it is the anti roll bar drop links? Problem is i cant find drop links on my scenic 1.9 dci year 2000 manual? Did all the scenics have drop links? Ebay sells them for my...