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  1. Renault Meganic Scenic 1 - 1,9 DTI - engine cut off / acceleration issue

    My beloved old Scenic 1, year 2000, has a strange issue: It struggles on cold start, around 2-3 times of retries, then I can drive it for around 20-30 min where suddenly engine cuts off. If i'm trying to start the car again, it starts but it's accelerate by itself 3-4 times and dies. It will...
  2. Timing marks for 1.9 dti

    New to the group. Looking for timing marks for a 1.9dti f9 engine.. also do I need to time up the fuel pump as did not see any marks on them .. thanks
  3. Renault trafic 1.9 DTI F9Q

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all I was out in my Renault trafic 1.9 DTI 2003 with the F9Q750 Engine in it as I pulled away from the traffic lights to go down a nice hill it lost power and the engine stared very lightly ticking. So I pulled over and it stopped being an ex ford mechanic 20 years ago now I thought it had...
  4. dti timing

    hi all my farther in law has brought a non runner 2003 1.9 dti vauxhall vivaro/trafic van there is problems with the fuel pump so i need to change it .. ive locked the crank up with a locking pin and the cam is locked up. my problem is the pump timing found a dimple on the fuel pump wheel but...
  5. 2001 2.8 dti floor based 5 spd gear stick gear cables to dash mounted 5 lever.. OK?

    Hi all, About to lift out box and engine on my donor 2001 2.8 dti Movano tomorrow. Gearbox and engine are really really good, body is falling to pieces literally, they're going into my 2004 2.5 dci 100 that had a 2.8 dti lump & gbox fitted before my purchase and has since dropped a valve hence...
  6. Will an iveco 2.8 head / engine fit a master 2.8 dti?

    Evening, Bought a dci 100 master that's actually got a 2.8 lump and a valve shims bust and engines seized, nearly got head off but not quite to see damage. Read through all links to the question and found no definitive answers, will a 2.8 dti master engine have the same block as an iveco or...
  7. 1.9 dti vivaro

    my van cut out sunday and would not restart called AA out diagnostic said fuel rail pressure senser was towed home and replaced senser but still wont start so called AA out again now to be told that it could be fuel metering valve on pump. when you pump primer ball will start but as soon...
  8. Kangoo 2001 1.9 dTi

    I have a problem with an kangoo 1.9 dTi 2001 it is as follows 1. Was driving it home from my auto shop after service, purring like a kitten, then a about 5 km from house when I stop at light it stopped running , and should not start. 2. Took it back to shop and they looked at it said injector...
  9. cooling fan switch/sensor laguna1 1.9 dti,which one?

    Hi guys, I recently changed my engine in my laguna 1 ph2, 1.9 dti, everything works fine just the cooling fan won't start at all. Car has 4 sensors related to water temperature: one green and one white in thermostat body, one in left side of the radiator, and one on the cooling fan body. I would...
  10. laguna 1.9 dti starting problem two questions!!

    badly need for help! Have trouble starting my laguna 1.9 dti only the first start let me tell you what its been done so far laguna have a bad leak of fuel on the injectors return plastic connectors they been replaced with new ones and things get little better..:smile2: no more fuel leaking on...
  11. laguna 1.9 dti fuel pump remove

    Hi!! like the title off the post said,,I have to remove the fuel pump from the engine because of change the shaft seal behind the pulley Im asking these because the dti howe some kind of adjustable pulley for pump timing... be vey much graetful for some directions...I search the forum for some...
  12. Movano/Master 2.5 not starting after new clutch fitted **Fixed**

    Hi Guys, My 2003 Vauxhall Movano (aka Renault Master) 2.5 Dti, G9UA 720C will not start. It was running absolutely fine until I parked it up to replace the clutch, due to juddering. I also replaced the slave and master cyls. due to pedal going to the floor (still need to get it bled). In order...
  13. Kangoo 1.9 Dti White smoke problem

    Hi, im a newbie to the forum trying to figure out whats wrong with my previous kangoo after my current one gave up at 189k miles. the van is a 2001 1.9 dti kangoo 89k miles which has been sitting in my yard for a few years after the turbo went, i had it replaced last year with a recondition one...
  14. Clio 1.9 dti 2001 Mystery plug in relay box

    Not a problem just curious. In the relay box there is a white narrow plug about 50mm wide with fine pins and some wires going in the back. It is not connected to anything and is just hanging loose inside. It is probably there for some additional extra that I haven't got. What could that be?
  15. Renault scenic 1.9 dti 1999 year

    imobilizer indicator on dash board not flashing. Cant start engine... Someone can help?
  16. advance valve for 2000 megane 1.9 dti

    hi all, my first post, and yes im asking for HEEEELP. I will try to keep it short.... glow plug light comes on at about 1800 revs and enters limp mode, ive changed glow plugs, changed control module relay, solus diagnostics reads.... 68 circuit injection advance valve signal faulty. So my...
  17. Renault megane 2000 1.9 dti not starting

    Hello guys, I have a problem, this morning my megane started but had rough idle and after a few seconds shut down. After a few times, when started I gave a lot of accelerator, and everything went fine. I could start it again no problem. Now it was just standing for a few hours, and no start...
  18. Right radio CD for Megane MK1 1.9 DTi year 2000

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all. I just bought a Megane MK1 1.9 DTi year 2000 and it has installed a cheap an old radio. I want to install a original radio cd instead. Please could someone tell me what model of radio cd is? If possible part number and a photo? Many thanks.
  19. 51 reg scenic 1.9 dti power steering metal pipe hole/split

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all recently bought a renault scenic dti, thought it was just the power steering pum had failed but upon closer inspection it appears that the metal pipe that i am assuming is the return feed to the reservoir has a hole/split in it, almost certainly the reason the pump failed in the first...
  20. My 1st Laguna 1.9 dti estate

    Hi all Brought my laguna last week and loved it until today as on my was to work on m5 south and car started revving on its own and smoke covered the motorway. Managed to get onto hard shoulder as 6.30 in morning and not much traffic. managed to turn engine off called RAC and he thinks...