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  1. scenic dti fuel filter

    hi all i need to change the fuel filter on my 1998 scenic dti ive seen a guide on here from a laguna but i dont have the priming bulb will this be a problem when i try and re start after the filter change thanks
  2. 2000 Sc�nic DTI starting issues

    2000 Scénic DTI starting issues My Scénic has problems starting when temp gets double below freezing. The glowingtime increases when it's cold but to no avail. Even with a booster connected it won't start. When the engine is warm it starts straight away even with -20C without even glowing. Any...
  3. 1.9 dti boost

    my 1.9dti is dead slow, soon found out the maf was completely dead so new one is on its way so for now its unplugged, but from the turbo seems no boost i think/pretty sure its a boost leak as i can hear a whassshhhh and its too loud so what i'm asking is there any common places for boost leaks...
  4. 1998 Scenic 1.9 dti Head gasket problem?

    I'm in need a some help, I was driving down the motorway when the car overheated, there is oil in the header tank and the revs died down when driving so I turned the engine off and coasted to the hard shoulder. Got the car recovered to a garage and they said it would only bump start? any ideas...
  5. laguna I dti v plate

    im haveing a little trouble with my lag dti, it has developed a sort off weird engine shudder when accelerating mainly up hills at 40mph - 70ish in 3rd 4th its more noticable,there is one symtom the gearstick moves a lot like back and forth other than that there is no other symptoms i.e wheel...
  6. Renault Laguna 1 - dTi Smoke From Exhaust

    renult laguna 1999 tdi is smoking from exaust at 70 mph and its a black to bluey colour do anybody no why .thanks
  7. renault master 2.2 dti

    bought this van a few months ago as a non runner, changed head gasket cause i thought it was causing my non start problems, now it starts but it's still using water when running, also as no power when trying to rev it
  8. BioDiesel in dCi Engine

    How may of us have tried BioDiesel and what success has been had? Can we limit this thread to BioDiesel only not mixes of veg oil/diesel etc and just Dci engines.
  9. Espace Dti Kangarooing...

    Hello, I've got a '98 Espace 2.2 Dti, whilst driving in 3rd and 4th inbetween 30-40 mph the car will kangaroo until I accelerate and then it's fine. If I carry on driving whilst it's kangarooing there is blue smoke from the exhaust and a quite loud tapping noise coming from the engine, the car...
  10. lag 1 1.9 dti fault code 05?

    Hi all, I had a diognostics ran on the car and it came back with code 05 "circuit intake air temperature sensor open/short circuit + 12v". Is this a fault with the MAF sensor? Tryed to cancel the code but it wouldn't clear. Also disconnected the MAF and re-did the diognostics, same code shown...
  11. dti tuining

    Hi does anyone know of a tuinig box for the Laguna 1.9 dti. Have looked on ebay as prices are more sensible but can only seem to find them for the dci. My car is the estate and is hard work when you get to a hill or at lower revs. I did disconnect the MAF to see if it might be that but it felt...
  12. scenic 51 dti engine power loss

    When driving up a hill ( not steep) the car seems to lose any power and gradually slows down, not dramatically, however this is very worrying. along with this is the same light when you are about to start the car for the glowplugs appears on the dash but dissapears when you get to the peak of...
  13. 1.9 DTI - 1.9 DCI differences?

    I've been doing a bit more head scratching and now I'm wandering how different the old (well late 90's/early 00's) clio DTI engine is from a 1.9 DCi? I know the DCI is common rail which brings the obvious performance, economy and emissions benefits but what are the other differences? Are their...
  14. Scenic 1.9 dti power loss and gloe plug light

    Hi there. I have a 1999 Scenic 1.9dti. It starts fine, then after a couple of hundred metres the glow plug light illuminates and there is a drop in power(i think it's get you home power). There is no other noticable symtoms. The local garage put thier test set on and got a 186 code but...
  15. master 2.2 dti

    hi all, just wondering if anyone knows what's required to swap my 2.2 dti g9t 720 engine for possibly a 2.5 dti g9u 720 engine or maybe the 2.8 dti. can i be ran on the same ecu, transmission etc? any help would be great
  16. Megane DCi or DTi or avoid?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there I am planning on getting rid of our problematic Focus and getting another Mk1 phase 2 megane I have my eye in particular on a two 2002 Diesel's one is a DTi the other a DCi. Am I right in assuming that the DCi is quicker and both are turbo charged? How long do the turbo's usually...
  17. 1.9 DTI Scenice F9Q 734 timing problems

    Hello there Renault Scenic Megane 1.9 DTI S Reg 2008 Engine code F9Q 7340 I have just had my head skimmed and valves done. The main problem i have now is getting the head back on and timmed up. I need to know if the pistons have to be TDC also i have spoken to some garages and they say i...
  18. Scenic 1.9 Dti won't start.

    Hi. I'm hoping someone can help. I have a 1999 T Reg Scenic. 1.9 Dti. Yesterday I had been driving fine during the day, but after a while when I slowed down to change gear or stop at a junction, the Orange light next to the Glo plugs light started flashing. I'm not sure what it is called, it...
  19. Rattle on Idle - Laguna I phase 2 1.9 DTI

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys, First the car ; Laguna I phase 2 - 1.9 DTI ( year 2000 ) - 142,000 miles I have noticed on idle that there is a rattle from the offside end of the engine, this immediately goes away over 1300 RPM. I can't work out where the noise is coming from but suspect it could be the water pump...
  20. sluggish renault scenic dti

    car is sluggish changed mass air flow cleaned egr valve still sluggish when i tke off the egr plug run ok but sluggish put egr plug on again and unplug airflow same thing happens with egr valve plug off egr get oiled up when cleaned and plug on ok whent to renault and many others and got a code...