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  1. How can I remove the satnav DVD reader?

    I need to replace the GPS aerial - to do this, do I need to remove the DVD reader? If so, how would I do it? Or am I being a fool, and the aerial actually plugs in somewhere else? If so, where?? Thanks all. Cabbasse Auditorium sound system, if that is any help, in Laguna 2 Initiale 2005.
  2. Carminat Sat Nav DVD update - where/how?

    Evening all. So far, everything I've asked, you've managed to help me with! I am now looking at updating my Satnav - my current maps are 2005. I've read in a post on the forum that someone used this - a 2014/2015 VDO DAYTON update CD. Apparently it is compatible with a...
  3. Fitting a flp-out screen DVD player

    My mottah!
    Hi, has anyone tried to fit a flp-out Player? Looking at the dashboard with the standard radio fitted it looks like the screen won't be able to come out to the vertical! Looking at the adaptor needed, again it does not look like the screen will come out far enough. Any ideas, please? Thanks for...
  4. Carminat DVD update

    I have just purchased a 2009 Laguna 2.0 GT and it has the Carminat Navigation ET Communication Carminat Bluetooth DVD Europe V31.1 which I believe is 2011. Does anyone know what is the latest maps I can get and where? I have tried the Tom Tom and Renault website and there is nothing there...
  5. Lag2 DVD nav not dimming automatically

    hi, as above - the nav screen no longer changes between "day mode" and "night mode" with the auto lights. I recently reset the system to clear old addresses etc yet also appear to have now lost this function, any ideas??? thanks in advance.
  6. Replacement dvd remote grand espace

    Have a Grand Espace 2007 with built in headrest dvd screens - remote control RC-82 stopped working (yes, tried lots of new batteries). Renault dealer wants £50+ for new remote...any cheaper options? screen is darker than the other making viewing difficult - how do I adjust just one...
  7. New radio GPS dvd player

    Hello I own a Renault trafic 2006 Just bought a new cheap radio DVD GPS tv I'm trying to work out how to connect the yellow swc plug to the new unit There are three plugs from the van 1 power 2 speakers 3 swc I can get a Iso unit to connect the power and speakers but stuck when it...
  8. Lag2b DVD Nav "out of range"

    hi, been with my 3rd lag for around 4m now, great to be back! couple of niggly issues, nothing new - but biggest issue is the satnav. (carminat dvd). just recently is resets off and back on again for no reason, and occasionally, "freezes" at the warning / accept screen. the GPS logo on the...
  9. Blaupunkt DVD TVs in Headrests - Espace

    Hi folks, I recently (well a year ago) purchased a 2007 Grand Espace. This has the DVD in the passenger glove box and Blaupunkt TVs in the front seat head rests. I could really do with a user manual for these .. or someone to help me figure out a couple of things.. it came with two pairs of...
  10. Espace 4 DVD Headrest part numbers?

    In-car entertainment
    Is there any way of finding out the part numbers and prices of the newer 2013 Headrests with built in DVD players as found here:
  11. DVD wires

    What do I do with this wire it says fm ant on it and I don't know weather to ground it to the car or fix it directly to the cars aerial or just leave it loose in the headliner. Any input would be good thanks
  12. Roof mounted dvd player

    Alright guys quick question I just got a roof mounted dvd player and its got a connector block with 4 wires ground 12v+ acc and fm antenna. My question is the ground is well earth, is the 12v+ permanent supply and the acc the ignition supply? And the fm antenna where would i put that have it...
  13. Pair Of Xtrons 7" Headrest DVD Players

    For sale
    As you can see they are currently fitted to my 02 Laguna (Also for sale here) Both screens are fully working and in good condition. Supports SD, MS and MMC 3-in-1 card reader, USB function, Compatible with several DIVX formats, Supports DVD, CD, CDG, MP4, MP3, WMA and JPEG formats Cost Me £150...
  14. In car dvd player with flip out screen.

    Has anybody tried to fit an in car dvd player with flip out screen to a Renault Megane before? I have a 2001 model and went to fit my dvd player but found that when the unit is slotted all the way in, the screen can not flip up as it then fowls on the dash above? Is there any kind of new fascia...
  15. In the F1 Store - pre-order the 2013 Season Review DVD

    Formula 1 news Official Review of the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship is now available to pre-order in the F1 Store on DVD and high-definition Blu-Ray. It was the year that saw Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel - the youngest driver to score a...
  16. laguna 2 p2 carminat dvd

    Just got a second hand gps unit for my laguna 2 p2 2006. pluged in the unit and it asked for a code the unit is a cca 2200r dvd carminat gps. is this a dealership vist or is there away to find the code? all help wecome!! do l need the vin number /radio code from old car
  17. Double din DVD player?? Will it fit???

    Hi guys, was thinking of getting a double din touch screen DVD player for my laguna 2 phase 1.. It has a normal CD player in and a empty shelf below where the CD player will also fit.. If I remove both will that mean I can slot the double din straight in? Cheers
  18. 2004 Espace II DVD player sound through car speakers

    I recently purchased a 2004 Espace with a dvd player with screens in the headrests. We have a couple of headphones but are wondering why we can't play the sound through the car speakers. Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it? I've read all of the manuals and can't find any...
  19. Dates for Carminat DVD release..

    Hi I'm looking to buy a new DVD as mine is a couple of years old. Does anyone know when they issue a new DVD, is it annually? I really don't fancy shelling out all that money only to find an updated version comes along a month later... Thanks Graham
  20. Needed - Carminat France DVD to borrow for a week

    Does anyone have a Carminat France Map disc that I can borrow for a week - don't want to have to spend loads to buy one that I will only use once.