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  1. Electric Faults - lighting

    Hi, Got a ticket for a faulty back light on my 2007 Megane Dynamique and have now until Sunday to solve it. Had it in two garages and both have concluded that it's an electrical fault in the car. Not really sure where to go from that or what this even means I can do. The offside sidelight...
  2. Clio mk4 dynamique microphone

    Hello Has anyone else had problems with the in car Bluetooth Everyone I call says they can't hear me and can I speak up I was wondering if I could turn up the microphone levels in the car Very frustrating Thanks for any help
  3. Tyre sizes for mk4 Clio 75 DYNAMIQUE NAV

    Wheels & tyres
    I've noticed a strange confliction with the tyre sizes on the mk4 clio . on this site it says 185/65 R15 for the mk4 Clio 75 DYNAMIQUE NAV - but on the car we are getting is fitted with 195/55 R16 tyres (which are for the 1.2 TCe 120 (88kW) model) I just wonder what...
  4. Wanted 4 Dynamique 2007 Canasta Alloy Wheels

    I am looking for a set of 2007 CLIO DYNAMIQUE alloy wheels with tyres in good condition in the Manchester/Salford area (the picture of the type I want is attached).
  5. Renault megane Dynamique 1.5 diesel

    No other choice but to get a 4th key card reprogrammed. And at a cost of 150 euros within the last 6 months I have got 4 new key cards. All the key cards still start the engine but seems like something goes wrong and I cannot auto lock the doors. So a new key card and I'm.back in business. I...
  6. Clio III 2012 Dynamique Carminat TomTom

    Hi hopefully someone here can help please? I have updated my Carminat TomTom SD via TomTom Home on my laptop - My android phone is running 8.0.0 Now, I have connected my phone to the Carminat via Bluetooth, songs play fine, I can hear callers at the other end fine, however, no matter what I...
  7. Clio MK3 2012 Dynamique TomTom 'Check Auto Lights' not working

    Hi I'd love some advice please! I privately purchased a 2012 Clio Dynamique TomTom and I am facing the following problems... The auto lights and wipers are not working, when auto is activated, I get the message 'Check Auto Lights' I have searched various forums. The wipers and lights do work...
  8. Renault Modus Dynamique 2009

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have just bought a second hand Renault Modus Dynamique 2009 and am now finding that the manual petrol cap does not open. I tried putting WD 40 onto the catch which works but now i have to check all the time before leaving the house that the cap opens if i want to put fuel into the car...
  9. Renault Clio Dynamique 2008 Petrol cap always open?

    Ask the Experts
    So we picked this car up today but we noticied that the petrol cap remaines open even when car locked? Is this a thing as my old 2003 golf locked? Any help will be amazing!
  10. 2007 clio dynamique clutch juddery

    I have a 1.4 Clio dynamique 2007 . When morning when I left my feet from the excelertor. The Clutch begins to grab a little-almost like a Jolt. When the engine is relatively warm there is no sign of it. I m not sure if it is the disk on the OSF that my needs replacing. It engages fine-does not...
  11. EPB not functioning - Grand Scenic Auto 2006 Dynamique 2.0 petrol 7 seater - Help pls

    Hello, I've bought cheaply Renault Grand Scenic Auto 2.0 2016. It was cheap because of ABS and parking brake fault linghs shining on the dashboard. ABS fault was caused by disconnected front wheels speed sensors which I didn't reconnect yet, but the parking brake is the main problem here...
  12. Headlight bulbs for megane 57 reg 1.5dci dynamique

    Hi there, I am wondering if I can use xenon ultima bulbs for my dipped headlights, instead of using standard bulbs. Cheers Bernie
  13. LAGUNA 2.0 dCi 150 Dynamique - Car Juddering on idle

    Heating & cooling
    Evening people, Hoping somebody can help or point me in the right direction to a fix. I have owned my Laguna from new in 2011 and it has done almost 200000 with me and never missed a beat, I have had no problems with it at all apart from the usual wear and tear until just recently. When the...
  14. Clio dynamique .Electrical or Battery fault?

    I purchased my Clio 2007 model a few months ago. I had noticed throughout I had been experiencing a lack of power . The vehicle has a great service history. The last advisory said the battery may need charging. I am not sure whether the previous owner changed it . Anyways yesterday I started...
  15. 63 Plate Renault Clio dci Dynamique Medianav

    Ask the Experts
    Hello all, New to the forum. Would just like to ask 2 questions to see if they're feasible. Firstly the sat nav map I have is very outdated. I don't really want to spend £51 odd for a map update directly from renault so is there an alternative sat nav that can be installed onto the LG Medianav...
  16. Rear brake light issues with 2010 renault megane dynamique

    Hi yesterday my nearside rear brake light stopped working been out today and now the two on the boot lid are not working as well as the near side light. I've changed the bulbs and the fuse. Anybody got any ideas before I take it to garage please
  17. 2013 Plate Dynamique Media Nav - cannot change the time on the clock

    2013 Plate Dynamique Media Nav - cannot change the time on the clock. can anyone advise? have tried to change the time manually and automatically, tried factory reset. Appreciate any thoughts on fixing this problem. I have linked here to a video of me attempting to change the time...
  18. Clio mk3 2009 dynamique, intermittent hazard fault

    Hi all, the mrs clio 2009, hazard lights started turning on intermittently. Thought it could be a low battery problem as our 2 year old was playing in the car with the lights. Charged the battery and its still happening. Hazard lights seem to come on every 20 seconds or so. I then have to press...
  19. 2003 Clio 1.2 Dynamique lumpy idle and loss of power

    We have a 2003 1.2 petrol Clio Dynamique that has done just over 120k miles. For quite a while now the car has been running rough intermittently, and the engine management light is on. The problems started a few months ago when the limp mode/coil pack light came on alongside the EML, so we...
  20. Identifying fuse/power distribution unit of 2004 Modus Dynamique 16v

    Hi everyone! Looking for some input into electrical trouble I'm having with my 2004 Modus Dynamique. After not running the car for a few weeks I had an issue with all sorts of faults comming up and the imobiliser (I assume) preventing the engine from turning over. Initially coming up as break...