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  1. Renault clio dynamique 54 plate 16v 1.2 petrol

    Hello, im trying to replace the fuel filter on my clio, where is this located any help thanks?
  2. Clip dynamique 2007-Expensive to run?

    Cars & motoring
    I purchased a dynamique and paid £195 a year tax and the petrol consumption appears to be a lot. £6 for a day. Is it common. Are they expensive to run?
  3. Aux connection for 2007 Clip dynamique

    I am looking to have a Aux connected to to factory made clio 2007 dynamique. I saw it on YouTube and It seems pretty straight forward. I don't want to invest in purchasing a stereo as I feel it looks tacky against my interior. The only issue I am concerned about is maybe experiencing...
  4. Haynes Manual - Renault Megane Dynamique 1.6 petrol convertible (2007)

    Ask the Experts
    I just cant find one .... can someone link me to one to buy ? Thanks in advance:grin2:
  5. Megane Dynamique Convertible - Window Issue

    Renault Megane Dynamique 1.6 petrol convertible (2007) Hi All, Hope you can help me. Bought the daughter one of these as her first car (well its for next year actually so Daddy gets a wee play with it for a bit :)). I was looking to repair a cracked fairling which pops out when the roof is...
  6. 54 scenic dynamique fuel warning

    Hi all just wondering if there is anyway to adjust fuel warning or reason why it activates at about 76 miles left . When I first got car it would always activate at 56 miles left. Also how much do you trust fuel warning Cheers in advance stu Ps didn't know weather this post should of went...
  7. Clio 1.149cc dynamique 2004 sensor location

    Time to replace the lamda sensor on my clio and have a question, how many lambda sensors does my car have, having done some reading there should be 2 but some say only 1, also doesbanybody know where they are located? Thanks
  8. clio 1.149cc 16v 2004 dynamique lambda sensor

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Time to replace the lamda sensor on my clio and have a question, how many lambda sensors does my car have, having done some reading there should be 2 but some say only 1, also doesbanybody know where they are located? Thanks
  9. Megane Tom Tom Dynamique Aftermarket Head Unit/Screen

    Hi, I am looking to replace my head unit and screen completely, hopefully replacing it with something that has CarPlay on it - however I am unable to find any aftermarket replacements to fit my model. Long shot, but has anyone changed theres, or seen a unit/screen that will fit? I have a 2011...
  10. Renault Clio Dynamique MK2 (2003): 2 Questions

    Cars & motoring
    Hey! So I've a couple of questions about the car I've got. 1) I was using a bike carrier on the boot and realised my taillights were probably hidden or harder to see and was wondering if anyone would know if it would be possible to put an external socket on the car so I could attach towing...
  11. Clio MK3 Dynamique 5 door locking mechanism

    Hi, my Clio's (2006 MK3 Dynamique 1.4 5dr) locking mechanism has gone so the inside handle doesn't work and now I need to replace it. I'm looking online for a spare but these seem to specify between 3 and 5 door. Does anyone know if there's any difference between the locking motor for 3 and 5...
  12. 54 scenic dynamique alarm

    Hi all after some advice please. I have a 54 plate dynamique I can lock doors deadlock too but my alarm does not seem to be activating. I can leave car locked with window open but alarm won't trigger. Any advice please
  13. Renault Espace 2.0 dCi Dynamique 5dr 2009

    General Chat
    Been a While, Have had a Grand Scenic 1.6 since originally joining which has served us well... However we feel we could do with something a bit bigger and more powerful for when we go camping and are fully loaded up. The Grand Scenic seems to struggle a bit when completely loaded up. We've...
  14. Clio Mk3 1.2T Dynamique dipped headlights not working.

    I encountered a problem with my dipped headlights about a week ago.. they suddenly stopped working. I changed my bulbs for some brighter ones (Cheapish bulbs) about a month ago but they worked fine up until now. I changed the bulbs back to the original ones, still no joy. I also changed the...
  15. clio dynamique 2011 , replacement door

    Hi , had an accident this morning , car decided to push its rear end into my drivers side , as a result there are dents in my drivers door, which now doesn't open , and the passenger door same side only opens a little bit. car drives fine , everything else seems to be working. I have a mechanic...
  16. Renault Scenic 1.5 dCi Dynamique Tom Tom 5dr (Tom Tom) (10 - 12)

    Can anyone please help Ive been experiencing problems with my scenic when i go into 5th and 6th gear the car judders for a few seconds. last week the engine failure light came on so i pulled over and turned engine off. now ive run a diagnostic on the car and its showing P0380 Glow plugs/Heater...
  17. Sidelight problem on Renault Clio 2005 Dynamique.

    Help please with sidelights and dashboard lights remaining on even when all switches in off positions and ignition off. Have disabled auto lights as advised but only sidelights involved in problem. Have been advised stuck relay but have removed all relays under bonnet, rh side but no change. (Do...
  18. Megane dynamique nav clocks display

    General Chat
    Hello, Just collected my 66 plate Megane Dynamique nav. When the headlights are on the clocks dim too much. I can't work out where the dimmer control is. Looked in the settings and around the dash. There's nothing that stands out. Please help Thank you
  19. Indicators Not Working Intermittently On 2016 Clio Dynamique S TCE 90

    The indicators on my Clio, just over a year old intermittently do not work. This started a few days ago without warning. When moving the indicator stalk to indicate either left or right turn, absolutely nothing happens, no indicator light or any click from the relay. This always happens the...
  20. laguna 2.0 dci dynamique died

    so on the way home last night my bargain basement 2006 Renault Laguna 2.0 dci dynamique died fault on the dash check injectors a quick obd scan returns the following P0235: Turbo/Super Charger Boost Sensor "A" Circuit P0403: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Circuit P0409: Exhaust Gas...