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  1. 07 Renault Espace Dynamique Mk 4 Auto Front Brakes Rear Replacement

    Hi all, I’ve managed to solve 2 problems now with grateful thanks to help from this forum (electronic and locking wheel nut socket). I now need to change the front brake pads for urgent MOT. I’ve never changed brake pads before so daunted at the prospect concerned about electronic hand brake...
  2. Clio Dynamique 1.5 dci

    Good Evening I'm having a problem with my 07 reg Clio Went to start it last night and wouldn't turn over. Charged the battery up, but nothing. bridged the terminals at the starter and she went first time. I have also lost all lights and front wipers but everything else seems ok, other than...
  3. Renault scenic ii 16v dynamique 1.4 2005

    Hello, Please help, first time I tried to do engine oil change but I accidentally drained transmission oil instead, ***128514; Please anyone help me find the transmission oil filler plug. I found one little hose pipe with a light yellow cap under air filter Im not sure if it's that one. Any...
  4. Megane Dynamique Bluetooth

    I have just bought a 2011 Renault Megane Dynamic TomTom and I am trying to connect my phone to the Carminat via Bluetooth. I have the car manual but not the specific Carminat manual. When I bought the car I was lead to believe it had Bluetooth however I am not so sure. I think I found the...
  5. New dab head unit in 2011 scenic dynamique tomtom

    Fitting a pioneer dab head unit , could anybody advice me on which adapter I need too connect this head unit into the existing wiring , original head unit has bluetooth and phone connection built in , also will I have too change the aerial connector for a dab adapter or will I need a new aerial...
  6. Modus Dynamique 16v . Sunroof won't work.

    I have a 54 plate, 1390 cylinder modus and my electric sunroof has stopped working . I think it may be a fuse. Where are these located? If not that, then perhaps the motor!!! Where is that too. Thank you
  7. Light bulbs for Renault Megane Dynamique Convertible 1.9 DCI Diesel 2004

    Hi! Could anyone tell me the light bulb make/model number for the rear number plate and for the bottom light of the door frames, please? I need to replace them. My car is a Renault Megane Dynamique Convertible 1.9 DCI Diesel 2004. Thanks in advance!
  8. Renault Megane Dynamique Convertible Front Seats Handle Mechanism Cable

    Hi! The cables on my Renault Megane Dynamique Convertible 1.9 DCI both front seats handle mechanism have snapped (I mean the cables that run from the shoulder seat handles). I can't fold my seats at all, so no back seat passengers can't get into the car. Does anyone know an easy way to replace...
  9. Hard Wire Dash Cam - Renault Megane dCi Dynamique S Nav

    Hey guys, i've just brought a Nextbase 512GW dash cam and a hard wire kit for my new Renult Megane dCi Dynamique S Nav. I've got the wires all hidden and earthed but not sure which fuse to connect too. It says in the kit instruction that it should be set on a switched power source. Any help...
  10. Clio 2013 Dynamique - Driving Style

    Hi all, The drivers manual states that in order to enable or disable the driving style light on the dash then you need to refer to the Media Nav documentation. There is no information about how to enable this at all. The Media Nav is fully up to date and since it doesn't have any options that...
  11. Renault megane dynamique 1.5dci

    Recently my car has been blowing out black smoke. Not much power either. Been on a diagnostic machine. Got codes, but don?t understand them. Help would be appreciated. Df053, df209, df016, df885. Possibly some advice on what to do. It?s a 08 model
  12. 2012 Renaul Clio Dynamique - rear indicator

    Ive been having a problem with my back left indicator, it will work fine for a couple of weeks then it will suddenly cut out again, when this happened for the first time I changed the bulb and all was good for a couple more weeks, however this problem keeps occurring after changing the bulb...
  13. Megane Dynamique 2013 won't start! **Fixed**

    Hey guys, I'm desperately trying to figure out what's going on! We only got the megane in Feb and still getting used to it. So no steering/central lock issue, the dash etc lights up normally and no warning messages so I'm guessing not electrical issue but when using the start button there is the...
  14. 2017 Clio (MKIV) Dynamique S Nav, no headlight beam adjust?

    We picked up a brand new Clio Dynamique S Nav Dci 90 last week and it has the new LED headlights which are very bright with pools of white light and I noticed that there is no inside head light beam adjuster dial as I would have expected, the one that you use to dip the beam when the car is...
  15. window stuck open 04 megane dynamique

    The drivers side window is stuck open. When I press the button I can hear something making a noise inside the panel. How can I fix this myself?
  16. renault megan dynamique throttle body cleaning

    Hi, i have a renault megan dynamique automatic which i am having problems with. Sometimes it is very hard for my car to start. After doing a lot of research it has been suggested that the problem could be throttle body cleaning. I am based in the UK. It says that the car requires a throttle body...
  17. 1.2 16v clio 2003 dynamique for sale

    For sale
    The Clio is for sale for spares or repair....its got a suspected head gasket leak, mot to mid oct 17, currently SORN. The interior and body work is in good condition apart from a bit of lacquer peeling on the drivers door. I am only looking for a couple of £175-£200 so there should be plenty of...
  18. 1.4 Megane Dynamique TCE Cam Chain

    Hi can anyone help? I've just been told the cam chain has slipped and virtually destroyed the engine. It would be cheaper to source and fit a new engine rather than rebuild the original, but been advised by the garage that it is a rare engine and hard to come by. Does anyone have any advise of...
  19. Wanted Spacesaver wheel/tyre for Renault clio 2017 dynamique s.

    Wanted Spacesaver wheel/tyre for Renault clio 2017 dynamique s. Also alloy for same car. Only had car for couple of weeks,done 200 miles . Got run off road into kerb by van,never got number(Motability car).
  20. Clio II 1.4 dynamique NO compression on cylinder 3

    looking at buying this car, mechanic informs me ZERO compression on cylinder 3 but cylinders 1,2 and 4 all show 150 psi, cars only done 58000 and is a 2004 plate. Looking for common faults i.e burnt value or blown head gasket. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks