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  1. Renault Twingo Dynamique 2008 - Taking out radio

    Hello I bought my car yesterday and I am currently trying to replace the radio with my own. I've got the radio out but I can't disconnect all the wiring from the radio. One of them is just not coming out no matter what, does anyone know why or what I can do? Thank you Ive attached a photo of...
  2. Renault scenic 2010 dynamique

    Front window wipers
  3. Clunking sound when driving (Scenic Dynamique)

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with our 2008 Scenic Dynamique VVT for the last 2 or so years. When I drive for a period of over 20 to 30 minutes, the steering wheel seems to feels clunky when you turn it in either direction. Instead of a fluid, easy motion when I turn the steering wheel...
  4. 2007 Clio 3 Dynamique S 2.0 vvt brake disc change

    Hi All, I attempted to do a disc and pads change on my Clio 138 today, but was foiled by what seems to be an odd sized allen key on the back of the calipers on the front wheels. It's the two bolts (sliding pins?) that hold the top half of the caliper on, that you access from the back of the...
  5. Clio Dynamique Tom Tom aftermarket head unit.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys, hoping someone on here can help me out. I have a 2012 Clio Dynamique Tom Tom. It currently has the standard stereo/sat nav setup installed. I want to replace the head unit with my own Sony unit. I'm aware that I'll lose the function of the built in sat nav but I don't use it anyway as...
  6. Megane Dynamique tce 2.0t

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all...hopefully picking this up on Monday. Been told it's been remapped, definitely lowered and has a full powerflow stainless system. What things should I be looking out for?
  7. 2007 Clio 3 1.6 16v Dynamique Misfire

    Hi all. I have an intermittent misfire that comes and goes as it pleases. It is most obvious when you are waiting at a traffic light and the car is just idling. And with cold starts the car still wants to idle at warm temperatures. Once I tap the accelerator the revs will go above 1000Rpm and...
  8. 2004 1.2 16v Dynamique clacking noise at idle, video attached

    Engines Not sure exactly where it's coming from, somewhere around the driver's side engine/timing belt area. Noise disappears after moving off. Possibly related information: - Just passed 70k miles, so timing belt/water pump is...
  9. Megane mk3 1.6 dynamique starter motor?

    Could I pick the brains of the forum on this before I take it apart. Model = 2009 mk3 Renault Megane dynamique 1.6 petrol 5dr. I've recently been getting the occasional crunch and cutout, on pressing the start button. I'm not terribly knowledgeable, but I'm guessing the starter motor pinion...
  10. Clio MK3 dynamique tom tom

    Hi I have a problem with my Clio where sometimes neither the wipers nor the lights can be switched on or off for a period of time but then suddenly they start working again. The exception is that you can always get the wipers to work by pulling the stalk to wash the screen. I have been told...
  11. Renault megane dynamique 1.5dci 2004

    Hi all I have been having a problem for a while, my Megane dash board says steering locked and won't start, then I've took the fuse out in the engine and disconnected the battery, then sometimes it starts. Now I've brought a new battery it was ok as long as I don't double lock it, now it's...
  12. Megane MK3 dynamique audio system

    Hi, like most people I want to improve the speakers in my car. I've bought some JVC 2 way coaxial speakers for the front so far. They have an RMS power of 40w and Peak of 260w each, and 4ohm of resistance. When I plugged them in they sounded all tinny, quiet and awful (I've tried swapping the +...
  13. Renault Laguna Dynamique boot opens, changing from Park to Drive

    So the problem started couple of weeks ago, I can't open the boot in any way except for when I go from Parking mode (P) to drive mode (D) and then it opens, but it is super weird, how is it even connected? Anyways this problem was gone for couple of days and then I was able to open the boot...
  14. Grand Scenic Dynamique - Oil Overfill

    Hi people need some advice regarding my 1.9 dci grand scenic dynamique 2011 plate. My oil warning light came on and the dipstick was showing at the minimum level. The sump is 5.1 litres i believe. I've added 2 litres of oil and its now well above the maximum mark. Would i damage my car driving...
  15. Dynamique S Radio Wiring

    HELP!! 1st car bought last November & I want to replace the radio with something slightly more in keeping with my age - I'm 18!! Unfortunately have been unable to do a straight swap so it is now looking like a more complicated job hence my request for any help with the wiring layout or photo's -...
  16. megane dynamique 2.0T 165hp

    Want more performance 0-60....on a torque in Aylesbury offer a remap for £247 plus vat with a 35 HP should see the mo just doesn't push me in my seat enough 0-60 in 8.5 secs,just isn't exciting enough..if I get upgrade to 200 HP...what will be 0-60...
  17. Just bought a Captur diesel Dynamique S Nav 2015

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    Excited to get my Captur on Friday. I have the model with folding mirrors but cant see any reversing beepers so I will have to get them retro fitted I suppose
  18. RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V 2008 Headlight removal

    hi guys need some help here can anyone advise me on how to remove the headlight from a Renault Clio Dynamique 16v 2008, need to change main beam bulb but for the life of me i just can't get the bulb out as by the time i get my hand to where it is i just can't see what i'm doing due to the...
  19. 5th gear clio 1.2 dynamique 2005.

    Hi im wondering if anyone has had a problem with 5th gear in there clios 2005 reg 16v 1.2 dynamique!! I was driving along the motorway they other day when it slipped out of 5th, when I put it back into 5th it just revs like its in nuetrel! Anyone have any idea before I remove gearbox???? Thanks.
  20. Clio 1.2 16v dynamique sport replica

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    Hi , new to forums. Renault Clio 1.2 16v dynamique sport replica. Full sport body kit and interior,excellent condition in and out,lowered within 10mm of its life,powerflow exhaust,a lot of money and time has been spent on this little beast but it has unfortunately recently become a non...