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  1. What on earth has happened to Carol's bum..

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    I think we can all agree that Carol has been admired for many years now by the male population world wide..but as she gets older things seem to be changing and things seem to be sprouting..:eek:
  2. Earth wires causing starter issues?

    Hi, I recently posted a plea for help about my grande espace 3.0 diesel auto not starting...was confirmed not to be the battery, all dash lights on and on first attempt to start was a nasty noise (growling), further attempts to start were met by silence, flashing start button and heater coil...
  3. 2008 Renault Megane CC Earth location

    Various electrical things have stopped working, the clock and exterior temperature display; wireless and disc player. Current is present at the relevant fuse and by checking on the Haynes Manual it looks as though the fault will be with Earth point “E 9”. The manual does not cover the...
  4. Dash Cam Earth wire

    Hi all i have just got a dash cam and hardwire kit, and have routed the wires down to the passanger side fuse box, but can't seem to find where to fix the earth to? i have a 2007 Grand Scenic, has anyone done this with theirs? Cheers Paul
  5. Clio Non-starter. Earth fault? **Fixed**

    Evening all, The other day my clio wouldn't start first time, tried again and started with no issues. Later when trying to start she wouldn't start at all. A mechanic friend came to take a look. He jump started her and then tried starting her after without the jump pack, she started every...
  6. Where's the earth strap? - clio mk2 1.5 dci? **Fixed**

    Hi everyone I'm just having a few starting issues with my clio. I've just got a rapid clicking sound coming from the engine whilst trying to start. I'm going through all the possible checks e.g battery, connection, relays but when looking for the earth strap between the gearbox and the body I...
  7. earth fault **Now Sorted**

    hi back again i have an earth fault the rear fog light warning on the dash lights up ,and also when you put your foot on the brake pedal it gets brighter but if you have the front wipers on and put your foot on the brakes the rear wiper goes on so im trying to work out where the earth that...
  8. 1.2 8v Mk2 Clio No Spark, Low Input Voltage To Coil Pack, Bad Earth Fixed, Needs ECU?

    Tried posting in previous thread but no replies so will repost with main problem and new Thread title, Original Thread, I have a MK2 clio with only 9v supply coming in to the coil pack, No...
  9. Starting issue (bad earth?)

    Hi, I have a megane 1 1999. I have an intermittent starting fault.sometimes it only happens once a month sometimes it happens every other day. When I go to start it nothing happens, only a click. And when I switch the ignition on, the gauges go up and down and most of the dash lights flash like...
  10. Clio II gearbox earth strap location *PICS*

    Just a short thread for information purposes. When searching the forum (and other web pages) for a recent problem related to the gearbox to chassis earth strap on my Clio II, I found many requests for the location of this strap. People seemed to have a little difficulty finding it and common...
  11. What on earth!?

    My mottah!
    "lol" is, I believe, the expression? Well it is over a year since I was last here - my god! I hope you're all well! :) A quick check-in from me, yet again. And a new car. Yes a new one, that's 20 years old. When you fall in love and that love is lost, sometimes it is hard to let go. And I...
  12. Clio dCi earth issue? rear wiper & foglight

    Hi all, I had a crack at fixing this issue at the weekend with my Dad based on suggested fixes I found on here but no luck. Basically, when you press the brake pedal or use the hazard lights or indicate left, the foglight indicator on the dashboard comes on (static with brake or flashing with...
  13. Clio II 2002 Earth Strap

    I recently had an issue where my MK2 2002 Clio would not start. After checking the obvious things like battery and trying to jump/bump start I called a mobile mechanic who found the fault. A corroded earth strap. Said mechanic does not carry spares so I now have a new earth strap. The...
  14. Grand Scenic cannot find earth point for front sidelights

    The sidelights on my wife's Grand Scenic 2007 have stopped working, though tail lights are fine. All this points to a bad earth connection, but I cannot find out where that connection point is. Does anybody know please? Thanks Mike
  15. Google Earth Pro for Free!!!

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  16. Clio 2001 1.2 16v earth cable

    Hi Just diagnosed an earth fault But cant find the engine to body earth strap... Anyone help?
  17. Rear lamp cluster earth fault?

    Hi, having a bit of a nightmare with rear lamps going out of sync. indicators and brake flashing at same time etc. I have possibly found a fault with rear cluster on both sides and one pin (possible the earth) seems burnt out. Just wondering , as there are two sets of terminals on cluster board...
  18. Kangoo - Can I add an additional earth cable?

    Hi there, I have had a few electrical gremlins with my T-reg Kangoo but I have had some success this weekend. I am going to replace the battery but I would also like to add an extra earthing cable. I have intermittent starting issues (no spark), however I can bump start the car fine every...
  19. EGR reported earth problem

    Hi all. OK I have had a problem or not with my 2004 1.9dci lag for almost 12 months now so here is the problem. I during a service I discovered that my EGR valve had worked it's self loose and was hanging out. When I fixed it the car was running like a bag "O" crap. I put the Can clip on which...
  20. Broken Earth Wire

    I have a broken earth wire connected to the battery in a Megane Sport Hatchback 2007 TDI 1.9. There are two earth wires, one comes of the post and goes to the main harness but i cant find where the second one goes too. they are the two smaller gauge wires coming from a small metal bracket...