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  1. Transmissions
    Once I take the driveshaft end nut off, is it easy to knock the shaft through the hub? This will be after I've removed the shaft and hub as one unit. Its a 2001 megane mk1.
  2. Transmissions
    Hello im having a problem here my gear stick moves quite a lot and I have problems getting into 2nd and 1st from 3rd I recently had a new clutch fitted with brand new gear oil put in can anyone tell me what this might be. Thanks
  3. Electronics
    55 Megane wont start off button but bumps easily I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me some help with my starter issue. The ignition lights up as normal when the button is pressed but when pressed again to start it does nothing. Had a recovery man out and he tried the...
  4. Electronics
    Hi everyone,I have a 2000 megane coupe and noticed a problem with the back passenger window. It was working fine up until last week but yesterday when pressing the switch there was no sound or movement of the window. Could this be easily fixed? Someone at work told me it could either be a loose...
  5. Electronics
    I have included this in my thread about removing the door cards, but in case that throws people off i thought I would start a new thread about the reason why I wanted to take the card off. 1)The drivers window doesn't work at all. 2)The mirror switch went up in smoke and I couldn't get it out...
  6. Electronics
    Hello all. Just to inform people of a useful contact and service fro immobiliser problems. I am writing about my Kangoo, but the company concerned deal with many other Renault models. When I bought my Kangoo 10 months ago, it came with 2 keys. One would remotely open doors and start the...
  7. Engines
    Great forum! Sorry if this problem has been posted before, I couldn't find it. Just looking for a bit of advice really as I know next to nothing about cars. I've got an 02 Laguna 2.0 IDE which has done almost 74k. When it's cold (the car not the weather) it doesn't like going into third...
1-7 of 7 Results