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  1. CAN CLIP in North East of England

    Hello. Wondering if there is anyone willing to help clear the numerous errors on my Grand Scenic '05 dashboard? Many thanks indeed.
  2. A quick hello from the north east...

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Evening all, I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself... My name is Tom (obviously) and originally from Sunderland I'm now living in Hebburn. I'm 28 and I'm a Business Analyst within the Finance sector. I've just part ex'd my 2010 Vauxhall Insignia for a 2013 Renault Scenic...
  3. Hello from a cold, wet and miserable South East London, UK

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, I have just joined the Forum. I own a 2007 Clio Initiale soon to be exchanged for a Kadjar. Love what I have seen and read so far. :smile2:
  4. north east, reset handbrake anyone

    Hi Guys just replace both side handbrake cables on my MKII Scenic, no matter how hard I try I haven't been able to get the "check handbrake" message and triangle to clear off the dash, all works fine ant the off and on messages show ok tried the usual trick to clear the fault message but it...
  5. newbie from Hastings East Sussex

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all. First time using a forum. Hoping to learn loads about my car and any tips anyone has on how to rectify faults etc.
  6. Mechanics in Kent/ East sussex area

    Need help putting brake discs and pads on as a private job. PM me for details.
  7. Anyone in north east able to turn my airbag light off please?

    Sorry if in wrong section. Had to use my car yesterday without dash board in, as a result my airbag light is on. Is there anyone in the north east able to turn it off for me please? I'm in a South Shields but don't mind travelling
  8. Need a mobile renault mechanic South East London

    Since a garage messed up my renault megane 2001 1.6 by renewing the timing belt, and fobbed me off when I took it back, does anyone know of a renault mobile mechanic to do the timing for me, I've rung round a few, nobody calls back or nobody can do the job. I am near Catford South East London
  9. newbie from the south east

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi guys new here and first time renault owner too thought id say hello there you go .
  10. looking for someone to code Delphi injector in North East - do I need to?

    does anyone on the forums in the North East do this and how much should it be or can you recommend anyone? from what I've seen it doesn't take much to do and I only think I need 1 doing as I've only replaced 1 I've just replaced the 4th cylinder Delphi injector (EJBR01801A) on my Clio dCi 80bhp...
  11. South east lagunas

    Regional activity
    Just wondered if there are any laguna owners clubs in the south east?
  12. clio wheels wanted East anglia.

    looking for some 14" steels for my clio or any that will fit.thanks
  13. New Dealers in East Anglia - GAD Tuning

    Performance Partners
    We are proud to announce and welcome a few new dealers on board with GAD Tuning.... Locations and Type of work carried out are listed below. ECU Remapping in Cambridge - Remapping OBD, Tricore and BDM ECU Remapping in Sudbury - OBD ONLY ECU Remapping in chelmsford - OBD, Tricore and BDM...
  14. North East England - recommended garages?

    Hi guys, I'm after any recommendations for garages up here - within a reasonable radius of postcode area TS28 - to give my Coupe a little TLC... Any responses very much appreciated! :)
  15. Hello from the North East

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I've used the forum a few times as a guest and it has been most helpful. I'm now here to pose my own problems (after using the search function). I hope to be able to help a little too.
  16. Hi from the North East

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just put down a deposit on a 2007 Laguna Dynamique S 2.0 DCI, collecting it later this week. The car is in mint condition and I'm very impressed with the interior. I have owned 2 Renaults in the past, a 2000 Megane and a 2002 Clio, both cars were great but I think the Laguna is way ahead in...
  17. Newbie from South East saying hello

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all - just saying hello and being totally honest. At present, I'm not a Renault Kangoo owner but seriously thinking of becoming one. I'm into off roading and my toy is a very modded Vauxhall Frontera 2.8 diesel, hence my interest in a Kangoo Trekka. My normal road run about is a Kia Sedona...
  18. East Coast Truckers 2011

    Video of the East Coast Truckers convoy on 28th August 2011 quality not great as only record on a digital camera.
  19. annyy meets in north east?

    Regional activity
    anyy meets in north east or any other memberss from aroundd teeside and that/
  20. Hi from the East Midlands

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hiya there, Garry, 25 from the East Midlands. Looking for a new car after my Corsa B was involved in a 3 car shunt between a Citroen C5 and an Audi A4. Needless to say, mine came off much worse :( Anyway, haven't got much budget but have turned up a couple of Mk1 Clios, both the same price...