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  1. For sale
    A while back due to my Clio throwing a po420 code every other day and the garage unable to isolate the cause, (they couldn't guarantee changing the lambda sensors and or the catalytic converter would fix it),so I've got rid of the car to the nearest breakers yard. As result I have some parts...
  2. Engines
    Do they work,are they any good? Thank you to all the people,who give of their time and experience.......
  3. Campervan Chat
    Anyone got one? Any fitting tips? Seems to be a bit of controversy regarding the air intake. Mine should be here by middle of next month.
  4. General Chat
    Hi is anyone else having difficulty getting onto eBay tonight ?
  5. General Chat
    Hi all, thought i'd let you know of a little scam that very nearly caught me out. Triumph Stag for sale - £5,500 Thought it was too good to be true, wanted to know more......replied to their e-mail address as requested with my mobile No. (also as requested) Few emails later got me very...
  6. Transmissions
    Hi, I'm new here and should have joined ages ago... 1999 Clio 2 dog bone I replaced 4 weeks ago. Failed today as below! It was off fleabay and was a forged unit on the listing but came as a cheap ali cast unit which would be weaker and so bang it went. The other mounts are good. Question: Who...
  7. General Chat
    Might pop a bid on myself
  8. Interiors
    I have a 5dr Megane 3 and I've found a kit online, 30 quid for precut window tints or should I pay £140 for a professional to do this? Cheers
  9. For sale
    check out breaking mk 2 espace 2.1 td on ebay mot feb 16 not seen one breaking for a while never mind one with a near full test
  10. Cars & motoring
    Just had a message off ebay stating 10 free listings: I decided to list my 1978 Renault trafic campervan loads of info like mileage, new parts etc got to the end, fee so far £10 what happened to the free bit?:devil:
  11. Electronics
    im having a few issues with the new front wiper motor i need to buy as the 1 ive removed was submerged in water for that long that it removed all part number from the sticker so i dont know exactly which is the right motor and linkasges to order...ive seen a 2003 ren megane estate wiper motor...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Hey guys, anyone used ebay no brand lower control arms or suspension bushes they seem very cheap are they best avoided?(Mabey answered my own question myself them being cheap an all)
  13. Bodywork
    Modus Wipers: Ebay Seller Range £8 to £34! I just want a couple of the standard 24"/28" wiper blades which are not metal-backed (Hi-Flex/Aero type). Ebay sellers quote from £8 to £34 to £40 (Bosch) a pair including postage. That's a huge range. Would the £8 ones do the job or better to...
  14. General Chat
    i have been watching this for 3 weeks the amount of fraud going on on ebay and many have lost upto £6000 and the catch ebay does not cover it first if you ever click on an item and it asked you to log in dont do it as soon as you have you have given them your details this is just a sample from...
  15. Tools & equipment
    need to reind my calipars on a renault master pickup and was thinking of buying the rewind kit on ebay for£20,,, will this do the job? i dont want to spend much ,because i wont use it again so it will just sit in the shed,, any info would be great thanks
  16. Tools & equipment
    Hi I want to get a ODB-ll fault code reader so I can check and reset codes there all over ebay form 10 to 1#### pounds are they any good and how do I no it it works with my 1.4 engine ive had vcds for my golf before but thats gone now
  17. For sale
    Saw this on Ebay and thought it might be good for someone on the forum, if it doesn't need much for MOT then it has to be a bargain. item number 111197987542
  18. General Chat
    Anybody else having problems with eBay this morning? It keeps saying my password is wrong & won't let me buy anything:confused:. Tried on another pc, its still the same...:(
  19. For sale
    Not sure where to post this, it is for sale, but on ebay... Has low mileage, looks clean, just needs some work to get it back on the road.