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  1. Renault Trafic 2012 2.0dci df070 (oil dilution fault) won't go away

    Hi, So a few months ago my Trafic started flashing up with 'check injection' and 'check emisions'. I took it to the garage I use and they performed a dpf regen and faults cleared. A few weeks later the faults returned. This time they said they were stumped as they didn't believe there was...
  2. Renault trafic 2.0 dci 115 ECU wiring problems? Need of full wiring diagram

    Hello, My Trafic 2.0 DCi with the EDC16CP33 ECU wouldn't start at first, then I found out that there is no 12v+ on PIN M4 on the second Plug from the ECU, I fixed it, and now the car starts but really rugh, the idle is rough and it seems like the turbo ain't engaging at all! I've seen that M3...
  3. Espace IV 2004 Airbag Faulty Light on

    The AIRBAG FAULTY started first coming on intermittently, till at some point it stayed on steadily. I have looked at the forum, but am not really sure from the entries what to attempt. I have seen some mentioning a cable near the glove box cable under driver seat cable under passenger seat...
  4. removing 62mph speed limiter 2008 movano

    Hi, my first post so apologies if I am doing anything wrong! Having converted my minibus to a campervan and registering as such with new V5 final job was to remove speed limiter. 10 weeks later after my garage have tested and or renewed many bits including injectors, common rail, sensors, fuel...
  5. 2008 CLIO III Front Wiper issues

    My window wipers recently stopped working on my 2008 Clio III ,after finding out the motor was soaked through and buying a new one ,it has been fitted but yet it only works on "fast" setting and is very temperamental ,having to switch the ignition on and off for it to turn .Also the wipers won't...
  6. Car died while driving now wont start.

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    Hi, driving along the other day slowing down for a function when suddenly heard a clank and thew car lost power rev counter was still reading but no acceleration. When I became stationary all power was lost. Tried my OBD reader but wouldn't connect. Called the RAC they came out and their OBD...
  7. Switching Ignition ECU (Sirus 32N) ?

    Hi guys I have two Renault Megane 1 (1.6 16V both manufactured in year 2000 with both K4M701 and DP0 automatic transmission, both DP0041). Can i take the Ignition-ECU from one of the cars and but it into the other one? Or is this not possible, and when not - why?
  8. Lost my only key!! Clio RipCurl 2007

    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies, as I know there is definitely threads on this already, but I cannot work out how to search for them. When I use the search box in the top right, it just searches Google! I've also had a look at the sticky thread, but there is 101 pages and they are not specific to...
  9. ECU Injector Input Behaviour

    Hi, I have a non runner, cranks ok but nowt happening. Just had head gasket changed was fine before that. Mechanic deleted the injector codes early on then we found out we have the dreaded P0611 injector performance error which stops the injector codes being put in until the code is removed...
  10. help need to identify uch ecu in clio II ph1

    hi my uch ecu part number 8200031556 . i hope one in here has come across this type of ecu . just need the name of the xml file . thanks
  11. Renault Megane 2005 ECU problem

    Hello, While diagnoseing with a Renault clip The injection control VIN NO. Is not showed as the others controls VIN (UCH , DASH BOARD, etc..) Also It shows a fault on Multiplex diagnose screen with VARIABLE PAS which is (ECU MEMORY FAULT) The engine is running but roughly & the acceleration is...
  12. finding replacement ECU

    I am trying to track down a second hand ECU for my Scenic but I am having difficulty in tracking one with the same number as mine. Could anyone tell me if you could use one that is the same make, in my case Siemens or is this not possible? Thanks in advance
  13. Renault LagunaIII 2.0dci ecu remap files

    Hi everybody, I have a 2009 Renault Laguna III 2.0dci 150hp, I have bought the kess v2 tool and I have read from the ecu. I would like to gain the performance(stage1). Could somebody help me this file modify? or do you have remap file? Thank you the support.
  14. Laguna II 2.0 16v 2005 - Dashboard Issue and missfire

    I hope this is the correct section. I have been having an intermitent problem with the dash on my Laguna II for a little while, where the dash would reset itsself. This would happen about once a week, the whole dash would go off the come back on, as though the car had just been started, the...
  15. how long does it take for the ECU to be cleared?

    hi - just wondering how long does it take for an ECU on a mk4 clio 1.2 16v to erase its memory after battery disconnection so it can start 'learning' again ? - an hour? two hours? ... overnight? .... never unless you put it on a machine? Thanks.
  16. Scenic 2. ECU replacement procedure

    Still struggling to get dialogys working on the borrowed laptop. Have it for the weekend so any tips for how to search manually for fault finding (not via clip) are welcome Separately I've an offer on a cheap ucp, uch and ECU bundle. I don't think ucp needs any coding beyond setting some...
  17. Renault Master MK2 ECU issues (location)

    Hi guys, hoping for a little bit help, I've had an engine management light on for a number of years now (since I bought the vehicle), it's never been an issue (I was told it was a wiring fault) but what with the new MOT rules I need to get it off. A couple of years ago I had a diagnostics guy...
  18. ECU Problem

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    Good Day I have searched for the last hour to try and find a ECU diagram for a 2002 Renault Scenic 1.6 and have not been able to find it, if I missed it I apologise, I had the CV's replaced and had to get an engine clean to get the car through Roadworthy, the ECU got water and had problems of...
  19. Kangoo mk2 2014 Airbag ECU location

    I***8217;ve been having the usual airbag warning light issue, it used to go on then off, now it just stays on. I changed the seats for better condition ones, and soldered the plugs under the seats. This leads me to think the issue must be with the ECU ( either faulty of dirty connections? Or the...
  20. megane 2008 ecu prob ?

    help ive gat a 2008 megane 1.5dci which refuses to start i've had it on a Delphi diag unit its come up with the following faults df012, df015, df025, df035, df038, df047 ,it cranks and will fire with a squirt of easy start has got injector fault on dash ,and when you put key card in total...