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edc problem
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  1. Transmissions
    Dear Experts How to check if there is a software update for Renault EDC6. The dealer said there is no software update of any kind to Renault Megane 4 or transmission. However there is no tools to check it out. beside all of that. Is it true the transmission fluid for EDC6 not changeable? Means...
  2. Transmissions
    Dear experts the dealer said the transmission fluid of edc 6 is life time. The engineer at getrage he said is it recommended to change it every 60k. Which one should I believe. the dealer said orginal part of transmission fluid from Renault not exist. So means it is unchangeable? please advise?
  3. Ask the Experts
    Dear member is there a way or a website to check the last update for edc 6 transmission?
  4. Engines
    Dear experts I’m from Ukraine, and Renault dealer here in ukraine sucks and cheater. My 2016 Megane IV dci 110 with 40k km mileage had several problems. But every time the dealer neglect it. Recently I bought ThinkDiag professional tool to read the faulty code. When I drive at low speed...
  5. Transmissions
    Hi all, I'm new here also this is my first Renault car. I have Megane 2010 1.5 dci with automatic gearbox, and it is showing check automatic gearbox, when I put on manual mode I have noticed that when alarm is on even (1,3,5) gears are not working, it use only odd (2,4,6) gears. I'm not sure...
  6. Transmissions
    hi everyone, I have a brand new megane sport tourer EDC which is now at 5000 km.I noticed this problem when it was at 1500 km.after a lot of effort, i learned that renault doesnt even know a solution to this serious problem. high friction sound shifting from 6 down to 5. anyone has this...
1-6 of 7 Results