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  1. how to edit a thread title?

    General Chat
    is it possable to edit a thread title?
  2. How can I edit my posts?

    General Chat
    Hi, A quick question - how can I edit my posts? Best Regards, Ark.
  3. Edit Posts - How To??

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi (Hope I'm posting this in the correct Forum?) Is it possible to edit a post after posting / submission? I cannot see a tab or button anywhere that enables me to do this? Thanks GraHal
  4. Quick reply/quick edit improvements

    I've installed a new system to improve the facilities available when you use quick reply and quick edit. You can now attached files etc. Any problems with the new system, please let me know.
  5. Cannot edit my own posts ?

    Has anyone else had this problem, but I dont seem to be able to edit my own posts, and when replying to posts, I get a message that a mod will have to approve the post before it is added to the thread :confused:
  6. 3 mins to edit post

    Sorry if I have missed this in another thread! I guess there must be a reason for putting a timeout on editing posts, but I liked being able to edit at any time. Particularity useful for those members who have long standing project type threads with links to image hosting sites for their...
  7. edit button

    what happens when i press edit button? is previous message saved somewhere?
  8. How do I edit my profile?

    Hi, I need to update some personal details but I cant see where I can do this - Please help someone!