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  1. Renault Master II dCi3.0 (ZD3) EGR problem

    The engine has undergone an extensive service & overhaul during the winter: There is a new high pressure pump, new injectors, a new MAF-sensor and more. The car and engine were working well. But then the car started to emit a lot of black smoke when accelerating more heavily from idle ja and...
  2. Egr wiring colours

    Hi my egr wiring has chafed through at the plug, Iv'e got the small pins out and soldered the wires together but like an idiot forgot to check which colour went to which number on the plug, any help would be most appreciated . Alan
  3. Trafic 2.0 2012 egr cooler issue

    Found a noise coming from the engine area whe i press the accelerator pedal, ive found a bracket that sits on top if a spring on the egr cooler has broken off. It has a small whee and crimped wire around it, i am assuming that there is some kind of flap inside thats now rattling about, anyone...
  4. EGR Struck closed?

    1.5 DCI 70 on a kangoo. Took the EGR our to clean it as it was well gunked up (will be getting the turbo looked at next!) and found I can't move the valve at all by hand It's the all-in-one type as per the picture attached so I assume the vav le is directly attached to the actuator - should...
  5. Battery drain from EGR valve

    I have a Modus DCi 2008, the battery is draining due to the EGR valve continuing after the car has been switched off and locked, local garage replaced EGR valve as they said this was the problem but not resolved and they have given up and told me to go elsewhere, any ideas, the noise from the...
  6. Laguna 1.9dci EGR valve

    Hi everyone. 2005 Laguna 1.9dci sports tourer with 304,000 miles. I***8217;m cleaning the EGR due to oil and bit of hesitation, don***8217;t think it***8217;s ever been out, but have 2 problems. Firstly I can***8217;t get the wiring clip off? Is there a place on the side or top to push a screw...
  7. Anyone blanked EGR on mk3 Trafic?

    Has anyone had any experience blanking EGR system on Renault trafic 1.6 (r9m-408) 2014 It takes egr feed from just after DPF, theres then a cooler, then low pressure solenoid valve, followed by final EGR valve. There are no pressure/flow sensors on EGR system after dpf. There is also an...
  8. EGR on Trafic won't rotate to blank off

    Hi all I just purchased my first van, a 2003 Trafic dci 100, the first thing I noticed was how gutless she is! I searched and found some tips on performance on here and I have blanked off my cars EGR, so I went to do this on the van and it will not twist at the middle join, even in a vice with a...
  9. Egr

    I've a 1.9 DCI. Been wondering if its worth blanking the EGR off on her. Will it improve her or not there's no real concluded evidence on the Net .Wondered what your opinions where.
  10. EGR blanked turbo loses whoosh 1000 miles later.

    Had lots of interesting advice and discussion on blanking egr,when I posted as pisces63 (forgot password) Finally decided to do it,but body of egr valve broke on trying to remove,so left in place,however egr pipe broke several thousand miles later,and the studs holding the egr pipe...
  11. F9Q EGR Cog (stripped) Siemens VDO A2C53025930

    General Chat
    Hi all Some have seen my posts on the F9Q engine issues on the Suzuki forum about. Turbo. EGR. EGR cogs, Injectors. PCV, Compression back pressure, Spare parts etc etc... (fused injector extraction) Well I ignored the advice of the manufacturers of the VDO EGR and opened it. please see...
  12. Kangoo dci 1.5 idle dropping out on cold start **Fixed**

    Renault Clio Kangoo dci 1.5 idle dropping out on cold start. When the engine warms up a little its working fine unless you step on the gas fully on load and the engine will go to limp/safe mode. Newly refreshed injectors battery needs replacing although I do not think that it has anything to do...
  13. EGR connection

    Been having 'check injection' light on over 60 mph and have been told faulty connection to EGR. changed EGR for brand new one. still getting message, anyone else suffered and rectified. please share info if so.
  14. F9Q in Suzuki Grand Vitara (EGR removal)

    Not directly related to Renault but more to the F9Q 1.9 DDis Diesel. Supplied to various other car manufactureres. Mine is in a Suzuki Grand Vitara in Australia and has many of the same issues for driving style EGR DPF then Turbo. So for those who are looking from a different perspective how to...
  15. Cleaning egr valve m9r Laguna 2.0dci 150 engine

    Just bought some wynns egr valve cleaner ready to spray into the valve to see if there’s any quick improvement. Problem is I can’t for the life of me see where I can get into it to spray it. See attached photos Looks like I may have to remove it completely, which will be a bit more time...
  16. k9k766 engine / egr tool

    looking at cleaning the Egr valve and pipe work on a K9K766 engine, found a fue posts but the egr in the posts differs from what mine looks like. I have found that renault have a tool to open/close the valve (tool part number mot1757) as an ade to cleaning it. Not having such tool I,m wondering...
  17. 2011 1.9 dci megane egr

    I am trying to remove the egr to clean but can not remove it, I have undone the 2 bolts in the front and the pipes , are there any more bolts to undo. Please help as there is no Haynes for this model and I have tried egr cleaner to no avail.
  18. Megane 1.5dci Steel pipe under EGR valve

    Changed our starter motor last week and while there repaired a couple of small leaks. The missus has now heard another noise and I told her to turn the radio up but she said she can still hear it. The steel pipe from the manifold to the underneath of the EGR valve is blowing on the top joint, is...
  19. 2010 Grand Scenic 1.5dci Check injection System - EGR

    Hi, My car says Check Injection System every time I turn it on. Having read the forum I can see that most people think it is the EGR valve. I have bought some cleaning spray that you spray in to the air pipe feeding the EGR. Does anyone know where this pip is? I have looked but can not find...
  20. Trafic egr df304

    Hi folks New here and struggling with my recent purchase Bought a 2012 2.0 trafic with 130k on the clock I bought it "not running right" as spares or repair It says "check injection" and "check emissions" on the dash It revs up lump The van looks to have had the dpf removed as it's been...