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  1. Electronics
    Today's new problem is that the cd player in my 2001 scenic wont eject the cd. It will play it ok but when you try to eject it you hear a beep and thaT's it. What to do next??? Anyone have this problem, my stereo is a renault item and not an aftermarket one, Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Electronics
    Hi, just bought 2006 Laguna Initiale and put a couple of brand new CD's in. Played for about ten mins then stopped. Can't eject or play. Tried a couple suggestions such as inserting another CD, pressing eject and 'on' at he same time but no luck. Any ideas much appreciated or a suggestion as to...
  3. Electronics
    Hi I have a clio sport 172 cup and im having problems ejecting the cd. When I press the eject button it just makes a beep noise. Cd player works and plays the cd currently in there. Any help would be great Thanks
  4. Electronics
    Hi I have a 2008 Megane Dynamique 17k miles, only had it for about 1 month. I've searched the forum and google for this problem but can't find it anywhere. The other day I put a CD(r) in the CD player, it wouldn't play, the display just read 'LOAD CD' for about 1 minute, and then the radio...
  5. Electronics
    The 'Update List' model Radio/CD in my Scenic II occasionally rejects a CD when I try to load it. The player makes a loud, mechanical sounding noise for several seconds, pauses then does it again before displaying 'CD ERR' and spitting the CD back out. This can happen with any disc, but is...
  6. Electronics
    Just swapped the head unit out of my Phase 1 Laguna, and realised that I still have a CD in the old unit (its the standard fit Renault Phillips Radiosat 6000). Does anyone know if theres a way of getting the CD out without connecting the thing back up to the power and hitting eject? As I...