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  1. renault master 2012 elec windows

    Hi my electric window have stopped working, I have checked the fuses and everything seams ok, both windows have stopped working, its very annoying as i think i have checked the fuses in and all are ok, any advise
  2. multiple elec faults

    Evening folks, Been searching all over the site, and google, but came up blank with a strange elec fault. 2005 Grand Scenic 1.9 DCI.... Ive got a few faults, of which ive seen guides on here for such as: 1. Heater blower only works on position 4 - Need to check resistor and wiring? 2. Heater...
  3. Front passenger elec window

    Hi All. First time here. Got mu meganr 2006 for 4 monts now. My concern I need help with is the front passenger side electric windows thay will only work if the car is started. Once I press the stop button the driver window can still work but the passenger window does not. Is some kind of...
  4. elec seats front laguna 2004 estate

    can i lift the drivers seat somehow think wife is cuffing under the seat blowing 20amp seat fuse thank you
  5. elec drivers seat

    is there anyway i can get my drivers front seat to move forwards fuse keeps blowing any ideas please:crazy:
  6. Scenic 2, no power to rear elec window

    Hi everybody, hope someone can help. I have a 2004 scenic 2 all windows work apart from rear driver side. The window motor works fine and the regulator was switch to a mini cube QT module. The fuse for the rears windows is fine as the opossite window works. When I check for any power at the...
  7. Clio mk2 1.4 elec engine gremlins

    Hi really hope someone can help me and my son. We have a Clio 02 plate which has done 71k it's a 1.4 16v Dynamique. Here's the list of issues, we have experienced. 1. The rev counter revs for a few secs and then dies! 2. The temp gauge warms up and then dies! 3. The immobiliser lite comes on...
  8. Espace elec windows

    Hi I have a 2004 2.2 espace, the o/s/r electric window was not working just a clicking noise when switch is operated, the motor has been changed and its still the same, tried checking the wires and now its stopped the clicking noise and the n/s/r window has stopped working , any ideas ?? :mad...
  9. elec power steering pump stays on when ignition off

    Steering and Suspension
    hi much appreciate any ideas on a wierd problem.i bought a 2001 renault clio 1.9dti 3 months ago.its got air con so has an electric power steering pump.the power steering works fine.however 3 times with weeks between i have heard the pump (took some time to find out thats what the noise...
  10. Renault scenic 2007 model elec window not working

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, my front passenger electric window will not work. Any ideas on how to quick cheap fix?
  11. 2005 Grand Scenic Front Elec. Window

    The Front left window doesn't work. Initially thought motor yet 'backing light' for the switch on the Drivers door does not illuminate. Could this be linked to the problem. Window doesn't work from left front door either. FYi - This is a Right hand drive car so Left front is Passenger.
  12. regulator clip on trafic elec window

    Hi, The yellow clip on my electric window regulator has come off the runner. Does anyone know who to refit this? There isn't enough slack in the steel cable to put it back on the runner. Is there anyway to release the clutch on the motor to get slack on the cable? If you need more...
  13. Clicking electrics, loss of window wipers/indicators/driver side elec window/locks...

    Hi, I own a 53 plate Clio Extreme 2 1.5 diesel DCI. I have 2 problems... PROBLEM 1:... for the last few months I have experienced a progressively worsening problem with the electrics. there will be a highly annoying constant clicking noise like someone is ringing a cow bell. During/after this I...
  14. Megane Elec Window pops out!

    Hi My Megane Coupe (02) Privilege + drivers electric window comes off track on the closing action. I've had the window replaced because the plastic clip on the window broke which was considered the problem. However this has happened again to the new window (the clip has been damaged and the...
  15. no radio or elec windows??

    Help I need advice! 06 Renault trafic 1.9dci 100 Right, I was going lamping the other night, I hadn't had chance to charge my lamping battery (12v) so I grabbed my in-car charger. When I plugged it into the cig lighter socket (ignition off) the heater fan started, so unplugged rapid! My lad...
  16. drivers door elec window also drivers door door handle button wont wor

    hi drivers door window wont close also the button on the door handle wont work ive cheched fuses and they are fine
  17. Scenic 1 elec window

    Hi, my mates scenic 1 has a strange trait, the drivers elec window goes down sometimes when he switches the car off, any ideas? Thanks.
  18. renault espace 1995 intermittent prob

    Hi, I have an Espace, is started stalling for no reason and then wouldnt start again., I called breakdown and they said the coil isnt working, but then ten mins later the coil worked, I took it to a garage who said the Crankshaft sensor was faulty so they replaced it and I drove it and the same...
  19. laguna 2 front passenger elec window switch

    The front passenger electric window switch is inside the body of the Dior handle. I have removed the cocer to the switch but I can't pull out the switch itself. Please can someone help to explain how to remove/reconnect It? I tried to prise the side of the door where the switch is comnected...
  20. scenic 2 08 wont start elec gremlin

    hi got a 1.6vvt 08 scenic,hasnt been run for over a month battery been off,been can checked no dtc's,,,key fob transmits get ignition,wont activate on push button,been direct underneath to starter turns over but no firing, any help in manchester area,just seem to have lost dash lights now,all...