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  1. Tailgate problem- Renault Clio 1.2 16v dynamique IQUE.

    When opening the rear doors of the car the tailgate released and hazard lights turn on, the boots switch has been replaced and is brand new, hasn’t fixed the problem. Any clue for what would be? When moving the wiring loom we have periodically been able to hault the hazard for a moment but upon...
  2. Renault Modus Oasis 2006 1.2 petrol

    Hey all, last night I got out of my car as normal and locked my car as I usually do and noticed that my dipped headlights did not turn off even when the car was locked, I opened my car straight away and went to check if I left my lights on in the car but it doesn't work like that they always...
  3. Electric schematics Clio III ???

    Hi all ,, i have a 2010 clio 1.2L engine and it wont start (no spark) the fuse for the ignition coilpack is okay but i cant messure any power on the three wires at attaches to the coil so i need an electric schematics /diagram to trace where the power cuts ,,, can anyone help me...
  4. Renault zoe electric

    Hi im thinking about buying a cheap RENAULT ZOE ELECTRIC car low milage needs a front headlight. I noticed the car has no keycard and has not been mot ed for last 18 months possibly stood for 18 months will the motor batteries be knackered? I know the 12v battery will need to be replaced
  5. Electric power steering installation

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello Iam trying too install electric power steering on my twingo 1997 1.2 with no electric steering. I got 5 wires that needs too be connected i think too engine speed,vehicle speed,ignition on. Can someone help me what color is what function and needs connect were? See picture and ty
  6. Megane 2 electric window gradually goes up and down

    hello, i have a megane 2, my problem is on the drivers side, when i try to lower the window it goes gradually,i need to push the button more times, the same going up, i think its the switch but i don t know nothing about repairing it. i hoped you could give me some advice. thank you
  7. Electric handbreak

    Hi, I have a renault laguna 2009 tomtom, I started the engine, engaged gear went to pull away but the handbrake would not release, the symbol flashes and the handbreak lever flashes, tried pressing footbreak and lever at same time but still nothing, could you please advise. Many thx.
  8. Stalk and electric problems

    My stalk had burnt out so I needed a replacement so I fitted another and everything worked after that accept for the horn so after having everything checked and nothing showing up, I thought there might be something fault with the new part, so I sourced another stalk and fitted this, and...
  9. 2001 clio mk2 1.9 tdi electric steering pump worn out?

    Steering and Suspension
    hi.this is the electric pump fitted to models with aircon.recently ive been getting intermittently a loud woooooo from the first weeks apart now everytime i drive it ,it comes an goes. at first turning the steering lock to lock a few times would stop it for a while.not so much lately...
  10. Renault Captur Electric Handbrake

    Cars & motoring
    A mate is looking for a Renault Captur but prefers the electric handbrake all he has seen is the manual handbrake fitted, is the electric handbrake also fitted to this model at any time:wink2:
  11. Electric Faults - lighting

    Hi, Got a ticket for a faulty back light on my 2007 Megane Dynamique and have now until Sunday to solve it. Had it in two garages and both have concluded that it's an electrical fault in the car. Not really sure where to go from that or what this even means I can do. The offside sidelight...
  12. Espace electric hand brake

    Renault Espace iv, been told by dealer that box that controls the electric hand brake needs replaced. Service light comes on every time I start the car, no hand brake either with engine or manual operation. The cost is €420 for the control box, is this correct???
  13. Clio mk2 electric window issues

    Hi, Last week passenger window was working but driver window stopped working. I took the switch off cleaned the contact, I bridged the +- to the motor and both ways it made the window go up and down- which lead me to believe it is the switch. I ordered a new switch off ebay- it has now...
  14. Grand Scenic 2010 Electric Handbrake

    Hi everyone, Looking for some advice on an issue I have. The electric handbrake in my Grand Scenic for the most part works perfectly fine. However, when the temperature goes below -3 the EHB will not disengage. Normally, I will rock the car back and forth in 1st and reverse gears, turn the...
  15. Electric car is car of the year

    Renault news
  16. Electric window button powers turn signal... rather confused

    Hey everybody! Had my Mk3 Clio (2011) for a week and we're onto the 3rd fault already. Love it. Anyways, when I bought the car, everything was working fine, drove home and the next day the electric windows started playing up! So from testing, I have found out that when the drivers door is...
  17. If all cars would be electric............

    General Chat
    If all cars would be electric Who would pull them all out, after running the heating for 3 hours? And specially, How?
  18. 2004 Scenic 1.6 electric handbrake (5 seater not G Scenic)

    Hi, I am trying to find out which side the caliper cables to the EPB torque unit on top of the rear axle go. I am aware one is shorter than the other. Does the short one go to the passenger side caliper or vice versa. Many thanks.
  19. Magane mk2 1.6p 04 electric fault not start

    Hello is anyone could help me with my problem I have with my car... it***8217;s keep blowing battery fuse call3 it***8217;s little 30A fuse on left...and it***8217;s nit start.... starter turn engine for couple of sec and blow same fuse electric fault come up and again and again change that...
  20. Please help!!megane 2 electric fault...

    Hello I have a problem with my Mégane basically I came back after 2 h start car nothing electronic fault on dash ignition on dash hold 5 seconds nothing...front wipers not working but washers and back wiper works no deep and long lights but position lights works as indicators they fine...