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  1. Mégane mk2 1.6 petrol electric fault not start

    Hello I have a problem with my Mégane basically I came back after 2 h start car nothing electronic fault on dash ignition on dash hold 5 seconds nothing...front wipers not working but washers and back wiper works no deep and long lights but position lights works as indicators they fine...
  2. UK passenger side front electric window, MK2 CC

    The front window has stopped working using the passenger side switch. It works using the drivers side switch and the all up/down switch on the centre console by the handbrake on my mark 2 CC. I had to replace the motor after it was damaged in an accident. I have bought a replacement switch but...
  3. Why do Meganes have problems with electric windows.

    Is there any preventative tips,other than trying to keep the inside air dry, ie using air con in winter. Thanks,Richard.
  4. Power outage? - Total electric power loss from the battery

    Hi :frown2: Yesterday i went out to my 2006 Renault Espace Privilege and was surprised to find no response at all to my electronic key. After several tries in which the doors remained firmly locked I opened the passenger door with the 'secret key' and gained access to inside. No interior light...
  5. Electric windows

    Hi got a megane 2008 1.6 convertible I was just wondering if you could help me most cabriolet that I have seen when you open the door the window drops slightly and then goes back to normal mine doesn't was just wondering if they don't do this on meganes cheers
  6. Renault Kangoo (kubistar) Electric problems. **Fixed**

    Ask the Experts
    Hi. I have eletric problems with kangoo 1.5 dci 2008 model. Car does not start. i connect the battery to car and the lights in dashboard comes on (firs picture) even without key in the ignition, nothing in the dashboard changes if i put the key in the ignition and turn it (same lights on) i...
  7. Kangoo expression 1.5 dci Windows, Lighter not working **Fixed**

    I have a renault kangoo expression 1.5 dci 80 and suddenly the electric windows and cigarette lighter has stopped working, I have checked the fuses under the passenger side parcel shelf but all looks good, they stopped working when i was using a portable tyre compressor in the cigarette lighter...
  8. Electric power steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a loss of power to the steering pump on my 2004 kangoo van the pump is located in the n/s/f wheel arch with a red and black wires but no power has some one had this problem and what do I need to fix thanks
  9. koleos 2008 electric handbrake

    just checking over car before taking ti for test and i find that the right hand red hand brake does not seem to be as good as the left hand side..its an electric does one adjust it? brake pads/shoes hove been changed since last test..
  10. Laguna 3 electric handbrake problems

    Hi I have a 2008 Renault Laguna 3 1.9 dci 110 estate. The electric handbrake is causing problems. It has had intermittent problems where it would give a parking brake fault, and then when I started moving, it would release and no problem for a couple of days or weeks. Now, it has gone into...
  11. Electric Power Steering

    Hi, I have a 10 plate Renault Laguna III and as of yesterday my power steering failed, I am currently driving in a tank in Scotland and tomorrow have the pleasure of the journey back to the Midlands with no EPS. At the same, or very similar time, the fuse went for my 'accessories' so I can't...
  12. Electric drivers window just won't work!! Clio mk2

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all. I have a 2003 Renault Clio MK2. About 3 weeks ago the window stopped working, after a few hrs/days left alone it started working again. About 2 weeks ago, it packed up completely. This is what I have done so far - * Changed window switch on driver's door * Changed window regulator and...
  13. Electric windows on renault master

    Hi all, new to Renault Forum. I have a Master, 2013 plate, DCI 125 and the electric windows have stopped operating. Checked the fuse and looked ok but changed it anyway. No noise coming from motor so not working :-(. Any ideas please ?
  14. Electric Handbrake

    Ask the Experts
    Hi Guys I am new to this forum and new to Renaults after many years owning Landrovers ,So I brought a 2005 Renult Laguna phase 2 with electric handbrake but it does not work I have searched the forum and also the web but can not find anything that relates to the problem I have,SO I have a...
  15. Electric windows

    Ask the Experts
    Hi my wife has recently perchased a Renault Megan convertible 2006 the guy we bought it from said it just needs a window regulator for the drivers and rear windows to work I have perchased this and changed the part over but still nothing happening has anyone came across this fault am I looking...
  16. Electric handbrake

    Ask the Experts
    I’m going to leave my Scenic for 3 months this summer and have been advised generally to leave it in gear with the handbrake disengaged. How do I do this with the electronic handbrake ?
  17. electric ns window

    my ns electric window only opened 15mm so I took the door panel off to see if it was jammed. I got it to open ,but on closing it only shut with a 2 inch gap like it got stuck on something I moved it up and down but it wont fully close can you help thank
  18. Scénic 2 190dci electric faults

    Hi I've just bought an elderly one of the above whilst my main car is off the road. Number of bugs have magically appeared the day after the sale. Hoping they are known issues and some kind soul might point me in the right direction ? 1. Intermittent dashboard failure. All display...
  19. Scenic Fidji 1.6 16V rear electric window problem

    Hi all, This is my first post. I have searched the forums but I can't find an answer to my issue. I hope someone can help. I have a "52" plate Scenic Fidji and both of the rear windows have failed within a few weeks of each other. I will try and attach some pictures but, basically, there is a...
  20. 2009 renauult Grand Scenic Electric handbrake.

    Ask the Experts
    Hi Guys, I need to know the proper name for the star shaped male 'socket' to undo the rear calipers on the above car. It is not a Torx bit. Also the size of the nut which holds the rear disc on andthe torque setting when tightening up. Thanks Andy