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  1. Clio Mk V (2019) No media screen or USB/12V sockets working?

    In Car Entertainment
    Looking for some help. The Media screen on my Clio came on and off intermittently for a few days and now will not power on at all. This has also affected the ports below the screen (USB/12V sockets) so they have no power either. This has in turn affected all the driver aids ie reversing sensors...
  2. Renault Clio 2003 1.5 dci - Fuse box ticking noises

    Hi all, I'm having an electrical issue with the car. Often on start-up and sometimes when I'm driving there's a ticking noise coming from the fuse box on the passenger's side. Alongside the ticking noise, the electrics in the car all die (except for the lights and the radio), so the wipers...
  3. Renault Clio III Self Cancelling Indicators ( Solved )

    Hey all, I have a question about my Renault Clio III 1.5 DCI Dynamique 2008 I have no clue if my model even has self cancelling indicators. I was told from the previous owner that it doesn't but I've seen identical models with the feature.
  4. Renault captur electrics

    Recently had my captur in for the 10th time for electronic problems, I have now got the car back, when I use the car before I took it in the Eco mode would stay on as that's the way I like to use it, now after it's been everytime I shut the car off the Eco switches off, is this normal? Which is...
  5. Electrics For Centre Consul * * Sorted * *

    Hiya guys. I was a member here already but not been able to log into my account so registered again. I have a 2007 grand scenic with the open plastic tray in the centre between the two front seats which I want to remove & change for the larger electric sliding console which I've bought complete...
  6. electrics on a tow bar

    I all i'm after a bit of advice I've just ad a tow bar fitted to my 2013 megane coupe i had to take it back the next day because the fog light wouldn't work on my trailer he looked at it and got it to work saying Renault are funny with the electrics etc saying that he had to put a second live to...
  7. Grand Scenic III Electrics & Towing

    Hi, grateful for any advice if possible? I am hoping to install a DIY tow bar kit on my 2010 (60 plate) Grand Scenic III 1.5 dci. I have ordered a compatible "Brink" tow bar and a universal wiring kit ( ). I've read...
  8. Fuel gauge & speedometer rimini autosleeper

    Hi all First time posting! My 1990 Rimini autosleeper has been in the garage for a few weeks, failed the MOT on a couple of minor things but needed a new gearbox so has had a fair bit of work. I've just driven her for the first time, the fuel gauge and speedometer are both not working, could...
  9. Ex AA Renault Traffic. Electrics.

    Hi, recently bought a 2010 Renault Trafic (OU10F**) Ex AA. In the process of removing old AA wiring loom, I find 3 wires (1 red, 1 Brown and 1 yellow and white) running from the rear of the van to behind the steering console. The the red one split into 3 terminals and the Brown into 2. They...
  10. 2009 Trafic electrics

    Hello to all I've searched many forums and not come across this issue yet When i turn my ignition switch to position 1, the whole dash lights up (just like it does in position 2). Or to put it another way, when the engines running and i turn the key to position 1 (engine should be off)...
  11. Electric Faults - lighting

    Hi, Got a ticket for a faulty back light on my 2007 Megane Dynamique and have now until Sunday to solve it. Had it in two garages and both have concluded that it's an electrical fault in the car. Not really sure where to go from that or what this even means I can do. The offside sidelight...
  12. No electrics - scenic 2 1.9dci

    Hi I've recently had to remove that battery and ECU from my scenic to get to the engine mounting. Battery out first of course. Then the ECU. I needed to undo the sensor on the air intake. Other than that the electrics were untouched. I left the battery plugged into a trickle charger for a...
  13. Electrics, something missing

    Hi All, I have Kangoo van 1.5dti 2004 and whilst it runs, it is very slow. It would appear that someone has butchered the engine at some time, ie, engine guard missing, no air filter pipe, diesel pipes going all over the place and electrical sockets,,,, sadly with no plugs in them. This is my...
  14. Clio 4 dci 2018 no electrics

    Hi All After a very light front end bump. A clio dci 2018 same as all mk4 Only thing that works is the radio Nothing else The key doesn't respond neither does anything in the car. Iv had rac out to it and with a live to the internal fuse box behind glove he found some power going to fuel...
  15. Ambulance electrics

    Campervan Chat
    Morning all. New top all this. I've just purchased a newly converted 2007 master ambulance. The previous owner hasn't touched the electrics. When I came out the other day, the battery was flat and gone. I've fitted a new battery and done a parasitic battery check, and the system seems to be...
  16. 1997 Clio - Various Electrical Questions

    Hi there, New member here, picked up this little car for beer money a few months ago initially thinking of it as a stop gap car but it's been reliable and surprisingly enjoyable to drive and my son turns 17 next Feb so thinking we might keep it and pass on to him to learn in. This being the...
  17. Renault clio mk3 2009 horn problem **Fixed**

    Can anyone advise on the following problem. Horn not working. 1. Removed horn and tested it across battery terminals ( worked ok ). 2. Tested for voltage at horn connector ( getting 12 volts reading using...
  18. Bit of damp on't electrics

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Fleetwood model boating lake. Unless someone can offer a better diagnoses without the aide of clip.
  19. Laguna 2009 1.5dci electrics still work after removing key card

    Does anyone know why this happens . After removing cars I can turn radio, lights wiper etc back on
  20. AC electrical fault error...but I don't have AC

    Heating & cooling
    My clio mk2 has an error that will not clear regarding an AC Electical fault but does not have AC. Could that just be generic for the heater? My heater seems to be working fine. I am having issues with intermittent misfiring and codes relating to that which do clear, but this AC electrical fault...