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  1. Want to replace the TomTom in Clio 3 phase 2

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    Hello!!! I have a Clio 3 1.5 dci Dynamique TomTom & I wanna know if I can take out the TomTom it currently uses & replace that by “plugging in” a newer one (preferably touch screen as I currently have that funky controller thing). Just asking if it’s possible to actually do that & how the hell...
  2. 2009 MK3 Scenic Emergency Electronic Brake Release

    Is there a manual release for the electronic parking brake on a mk3 Scenic? One of our rear calipers is sticking on and not releasing. Have tried rocking the car forward and backwards but this hasn't released the brakes. The car has been sat for a week while we have been away. The handbrake...
  3. Electronic handbrake

    Think my electronic handbrake is knackered can hear it going on but holds on flat ground but the slightest hill and it rolls if I buy a new handbrake unit with cables can I replace myself or does it need coded to car etc my car is an 06 Renault espace 1.9 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  4. Megane Rear Right Electronic Regulator and Loom

    My Car recently developed a faulty electronic window. After troubleshooting by an approved dealer. I am told to get a Regulator and Loom replacement. Can anyone please advise me where and which website to use to source new and used parts for my car? Its a Renault Megan 1.6v. RENAULT MEGANE...
  5. 1.6l petrol 16v 2005 megane, confused idle after electronic throttlebody cleaning

    Hi, I did a throttle body valve cleanup on my megane couple of months back and have been driving it regularly since to let it learn by itself the new positions for the valve. Seems like the idle is good normally when I start it but gets up to 1500 - 2000rpm when I any of the following: 1. on...
  6. Scenic 2 - 1.9dci: electronic handbrake

    Hi I plugged the scenic into a valise (obdc) the other day and it came up saying there had been a recall on the VIN for an electronic handbrake reprogramming. Does anyone have the revised parameters i need to update the configuration for the parking brake? Mine is playing up - works fine...
  7. Electronic Handbrake re-boot

    Ask the Experts
    Hi everyone I have a 2004 Renault Megane Scennic series 2. Now the problem is I don't want to pay nearly £1200 for parts & labour so is there anyone who can do it cheaper, I would be so grateful.
  8. Electronic handbrake

    Electronic handbrake not working .can I just fit a replacement handbrake bought from vehicle salvage also been told there Is 3 diffrent types of handbrake on Renault scenic not sure
  9. Renault Megane III 1.5dci Electronic noises, tomtom, battery ?

    Hi Guys New member here, Just bought a Renault Megane III ,1.5dci Auto 2013. Just want to know if this is normal, Noticed sometimes,not all the time, when I unlock the car and get in that I hear electronic or electrical noises for about 30 seconds and then they stop. Coming from the middle...
  10. Electronic Failures

    Hi, its my first time on here. I hope I have come to the right place. I have 2010 plate Renault Megan Mark 3. A couple of days ago the central locking was unlocking itself whilst i am driving & at the same time, the airbag light comes on along with the spanner light & a message on dashboard...
  11. Laguna II electronic steeting lock

    Hello, Maybe someone has had this problem So, steering lock wouldnt lock which failed MOT Being the smartass I am, I decided to disassemble it, in case there's something obvious, which there wasnt, so I assembled it back together, which went reasonably well, other than the fact that the ignition...
  12. 2013 Megane 1.5 diesel electronic problem

    Lately when I start the car I get continuous alerts about the braking system, the headlights pulse and the dash lights flicker, and occasionally the power steering becomes heavy. the brakes work fine and after about 15-20 minutes driving all these symptoms disappear. Anybody got any ideas please?
  13. What causes Electronic handbrake to not fully release ?

    I only just reconditioned my handbrake unit on the espace 1.9 earlier this year. It’s the single unit type which controls both sides.. not the type with cable splitter on it or mechanisms on the hub. I cleaned gunk out the motor, greased inside and put in some replacement used cables. Was...
  14. Electronic handbrake fault - grand scenic 2008

    General Chat
    Can anybody help, I know nothing about cars. A month ago, I put quite a heavy bag of soil in the boot and ever since, my electronic handbrake fault light has been on. It does go on, and off fine, but occasionally it makes a grinding noise from the back of the vehicle. The car is at a garage now...
  15. Scenic 3 electronic handbrake fault.

    Hi, I just had a new clutch and dual mass fitted to my 59 plate scenic 3. After picking it up I noticed the auto handbrake didn't release when I tried to drive off. It works manually and when you turn the engine off. I messaged the guy who did it to see if there was a procedure I had to follow...
  16. 2009 MK3 grand scenic electronic gremlins

    Hi everyone recently acquired a grand scenic.All was great.Had a very short MOT but managed to get it through with a new wishbone and some wipers.However a couple of weeks ago had a message on the dash saying rear seatbelt unbuckling flash up a couple of times.This went off to be replaced by a...
  17. Renault Clio 1.4 16v auto electronic throttle fault and A/c not turning on

    Hi. I have an Renault Clio 1.4 16v auto and I've came across a issue that my electronic throttle light came on car won't rev pass 3k. I've cleaned the throttle body and intake manifold I've checked the throttle body wiring everything seems new I checked all the fuses and changed them including...
  18. Electronic Fault Grand Scenic MK II 54 Plate

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, recently i had to change the bulb on the passenger break light since i have changed this bulb i know get an electronic fault warning on the dashboard whenever i drive with the lights on, when i get the error on the dash if i turn the lights...
  19. Board electronic

    Hi, It is me again. I changed the UPC. Car was running for about 2 weeks. Today, Car starts ASR Abs light up flashing. Steering Support Not working Displays says elektronic broken. Engine Starts and runs. Dash shows 0 RPM. I couldnt Turn the engine Off with the Button. Please i need help
  20. 2004 scenic electronic handbrake

    Hi everyone. My father in law has a scenic 2004 1.6 petrol manual. Not sure on milage as he bought it with no history and it says 30000 on the clock so we know it isn***8217;t right. The problem he has is one he***8217;s had for about two years and that is it comes up with check parking brake on...