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    Hi i dont get email notifications if i subscribe to receive replies. cant find the setting anywhere, is there a guide for this or link ?
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    Which email client do you use and is it mobile or PC based?
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    Well done VW..:grin2:
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    Had one this morning from vertical scope the company that owns this forum.. You may have heard reports recently about a security issue involving VerticalScope. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and the steps we are taking to help...
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    email notification seems to be 3-4 days late anyone else have this Ron
  6. General Chat
    Any reason for very late forum email notifications as I am getting last nights and morning ones far later during the day. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
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    Has anyone tried to get in touch with the UK department concerning an issue with your vehicle? Well try it as its virtually impossible to send one. I had tried to use either the complaints and the general emails and only get no sending options or what car you are after next. My question is with...
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    Hi Folks, here we go again. :crazy: Is anyone having issues with RFs email replies again? This so far looks to be only affecting members on Virgin media. But you Guys might know different. :)
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    Is anyone else having problems with Post email replies? I'm getting diddley squat until about 15-20 minutes later & then a bl00dy avalanche of them. :crazy: Thanks
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    Hi Guys, it took me an eternity to get used to Windows 7 & the loss of Outlook Express which IMO was the best, simplest, & most tidy looking Email client I ever come across. Since moving over to Win full stop, I've used Microsoft Outlook in MS Office for an Email client :( I'm not too keen TBH...
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    Hi chaps I am unable to reply to velsatisfied's message to me regarding this, but: I've checked my email settings, they're fine. Other forums that I subscribe to work OK, which is why I wondered if there was a setting within RF that needed ticking. I'll just have to keep logging in to...
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    Hi guys and girls:( Today i received what looked liked a email from Paypal??:crazy:but when i clicked on the hyperlinks my AVG antivirus pulled them up saying: Warning: Suspected Phishing Page :crazy::crazy::crazy: So have now reported this to Paypals email Phishing department, I just...
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    We are currently experiencing problems with the delivery of email. I have raised the issue with our hosting company. If you have sent an email to us recently and not received a reply, please contact us via our support ticket system:
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    We normally recommend that you do not post your email address within your posts. However, we have now introduced a new system which will hide your email address from spammers who might try to harvest it from our pages. We would still recommend that you do not reveal your email address unless...
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    An odd one here for any PC experts OS = XP Pro IE = Ver 8 Email client Outlook Express Before I closed the PC down last night, I first closed Outlook Express, just after closing this, a normal message came on the screen saying Outlook Express will compress or whatever all prior messages...
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    Hi all iam trying to send a Video file that i uploaded from my camera yesterday to a friend and its size is 141MB but my BT email account limits me to 20MB:crazy::confused:IS THERE A WAY ROUND THIS??:o:d iam sure there is i just haven't done it:o Cheers Donald
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    Hiya guys and girls. I haven't been online for a while to post etc as I have been very busy and having a few problems at home. However, I came to log onto my MSN account earlier today, the first time in about 2 weeks and can't. I went to use the backdoor method with the security questions but...
  18. Computer Club
    "Rules forcing internet companies to keep details of every e-mail sent in the UK are a waste of money and an attack on civil liberties, say critics."
  19. General Chat
    Not a joke , was on local news earlier :d
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