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  1. Electronics
    Hi, I have a dynamique s nav tce with rlink-2 fitted. I down loaded the app from the store for the email prog but cant get it to work on a BT account. I put in the email address and p/w, in the box for i/c server i put Imap, in the host name I put In the o/g server SMTP, in...
  2. Computer Club
    Ever found yourself in the position that you have to sign up to something, like WIFI in an airport or hotel, or you need to register with a website just to look at stuff, but you do not want to use your normal email address because it will only end up getting full of spam, just to look at...
  3. Computer Club
    Stopped receiving Orangehome Emails 2 days ago, Thought it was a short term Glitch. Researched this AM. Found this........... Interestingly my Freeserve Account still works. The addresses...
  4. Announcements
    Struth Gents here we go again!! :devil: The emails flowed fine for me, but stopped at about 07.30 this morning. I've put a Poll up this time to save you responding, unless you feel a need. :idunno:
  5. Announcements
    Hi, anyone else having issues currently with RF reply emails? Thanks
  6. Announcements
    Over the last few weeks I've been getting forum reply emails in some cases up to 12 hours after the post was replied to, just wondering if anyone else is getting the same problems too? Cheers hondo :)
  7. Announcements
    When some one posts in threads to which I'm subscribed the automatic notification emails have stopped? I haven't knowingly changed any of my forum settings? Is this happening to any one else? My thread subscription list appears to be unaltered. Yesterday 09/11/10 it was taking me several...
  8. Engines
    Hi I have a lagoona 02 plate diesel. At first there was loads of smoke coming out of her from the exhaust. It burnt a load of diesel nut not like it does when the turbo goes. I have replaced the oil and now it has a grey smoke (loads) but smells off rotten eggs! can anyone help please...
  9. Announcements
    We very occasionally send an email to our users. We do try to make it as infrequent as possible, and usually we send no more than 2 or 3 every year. Each email contains a link to the User Dashboard to allow you to unsubscribe from our emails. Unfortunately, this is not enough for some of our...
  10. Computer Club
    Hi All, Just a quick question, Right my personal email system over the last few weeks is getting bombarded with what looks like Russian emails as they all seem to be in Russian text and i can get anything up to 20 emails a day or more:crazy:,i don't open them as my spam filter has been...
  11. Non-motoring news
    Hundreds of private emails and documents allegedly exchanged between some of the world's leading climate scientists during the past 13 years have been stolen by hackers and leaked online, it emerged today. The computer files were apparently accessed earlier this week from servers at the...
  12. General Chat
    Don't ever give away your e-mail address on public forums. Im not sure where mine might be public because Im usually so careful but I keep getting e-mails from someone called Sven DogMaster. (if you are reading this Mister Im not interested!!!) Apparently he wants to "breed" me. Ive complained...
  13. General Chat
    Who said this would not happen in Britain
  14. General Chat
    Take care now you never know:p Big Brother tapping our phones and emails 1,000 times a day | the Daily Mail
  15. Announcements
    Is anyone experiencing problems with the instant subscription emails. My mailbox has been a bit under-used today
  16. Announcements
    I have noticed that subscription emails are getting delayed. This evening I'm going to try routine messages through our SMTP server Please advise +ve or -ve experiences here Thanks
  17. Computer Club
    I deal with several thousand emails a day and I therefore receive nearly every phishing email going Many are getting very sophisticated and I thought I'd start a thread to show the various emails that you might receive which are bogus Please feel free to add to the list
  18. Announcements
    Folks I'm still having major problems with no! zero! zilch! return from posts emails. W.T.F My ISP confirms they're blocking nothing!!! Neither am I, I'm convinced its a problem here, but what, I'm not fully sure.... Selwonk this requires further investigation I feel, from your end. :(
  19. General Chat
    Bogus emails Please note that a virus is targeting our users with bogus emails. The titles of these emails include: YOUR PASSWORD HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY UPDATED Your Account is Suspended For Security Reasons Online user Violation The emails originate from various accounts including...