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  1. Ask the Experts
    I have a knocking from front end of car new front shockers replaced with mounts etc.. new drag links replaced, new engine mounts replaced and still theres a knocking sounds like metal to metal and only on bumpy road . smooth road everything is ok
  2. Steering and Suspension
    I am posting this to confirm that when confronted by a Megane 1 steering rack rod that refuses to budge, welding is the answer. Fusing the female collar thingy and the male link section is an effective way of removing the part. There is little to no space to get vice grips or water pump...
  3. Steering and Suspension
    Can anyone tell me which part is the Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover? Apparently mine is badly split on my 2011 Megane. The only rubber part I see is that big rubber in the attached pic. Is that the dust cover they are referring to? I take it this rubber comes fitted already to a track...
  4. Electronics
    Hi guys and girls. I have looked through your existing help data but not found what I would call my problem. About a week ago I could not start the car after a short trip. Luckily I friendly breakdown guy helped me, just squirted some cold start spray into the inlet valve thingy and it started...
  5. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    How does the speedo cable disconnect from the gearbox end My inner cable isn't attached at that end but can't get the outer casing off Thanks
  6. Steering and Suspension
    Obviously this topic has cropped up before but anyone advise me how much I can expect to pay for the above job? The model in question is a '59 plate 1.2 Extreme. I'm aware there will be a range between a Renault dealer and my local garage but just want an idea please. Thanks:smile2:
  7. Steering and Suspension
    hi is there anyone on here who knows the correct torque setting for the track rod end nut on my 06 trafic van I am very confident on changing the track rod end but do not want to do it without the correct torque setting! any help would be massively appreciated.
  8. Steering and Suspension
    Hi all Had lots of help so far so wonder if I can get help with this topic. When turning the car around corners there seems to be a rattling noise coming from the front end maybe around the wheel area. Depending on the speed I go around the corners depends on the noise and variation of...
  9. Steering and Suspension
    Planning to replace the steering tie rod outers as the rubber is perished on one. What is the smart way to separate that balljoint ? Any particular tool that will or won't work or just a good old smack ? :) Local garage wants 200. Well you have to keep checking if just for the laugh.
  10. Steering and Suspension
    2011 grand scenic. Replaced the passenger side track rod end about 4 months ago. It was well worn and I could move the wheel dromedary side to side. This last few days there is a rattle from the drivers side. Wheels off to check. Passenger track rod end is solid. Drivers side has a minute...
  11. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello, all! I own a 1984 Renault Fuego here in the United States, and I have to replace the fuel pump assembly. It's a 2.2 liter engine. The thing is, I can't find the exact replacement anywhere! I try going by the model (which is Jaeger), and the number on the assembly (325591 01), but NOTHING...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Hi All, When driving down the road I get a creaking noise especially when going over bumps I've seen another thread which said about putting a washer as a shim in the front engine mount and this solves the problem, but can't see the pics and not sure exactly where to put the shim to solve the...
  13. Steering and Suspension
    I wonder if i could please pick your brains? I have had a problem with my car (2005 Renault Laguna II, phase 2 1.9 dCi ) since last week and have researched everything and everywhere that I could possibly think of. The car was running great, went to the garage and had a new passenger side tyre...
  14. Steering and Suspension
    I have a 52-plate megane-scenic 1.9dci, I have a knocking from the front end when going over bumps in the road..feels like floor area? Also when going over speed humps if feels all loose and bouncy assume both connected any ideas please.
  15. Steering and Suspension
    Having a bit of a mare with one thing or another on my beloved lag 2 ! Anyway last weekend ( in the snow!) I replaced the rear suspension bushes and fitted a pair of KYB shocks and springs to the front after suffering a broken spring . The top nut was torqued up after the car was back down on...
  16. Engines
    Hi all I'm new to the world of forum. So apologies in advance I this is all done wrong. So here go, I have recently purchased a 2011 trafic 2.0 m9r with 80k on it. I have only had it a week and all was well unti I tried to start it yesterday and it turned over but would not fire. So I checked...
  17. Steering and Suspension
    Megane Grand Scenic 1.9DCi Need a little help and hoping you come to same conclusion as me. I have an ever increasing rattle from the front end on bumps and uneven ground. Now so loud it sounds like something is about to fall off. Been growing for a year and had an MOT in that time...
1-17 of 158 Results