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  1. Engines
    I have a megane 3 1.9 dci 2010 which has an engine vibration between 1000/1500 rpm Renault garage says its a characteristic of the car has anyone else got this problem?
  2. Engines
    hiya gota 51 plate clio dynamic 1200 16v(d4f) ,starts but revs r up an down ,then cuts out ,pluged computor in ,brought up code ,po115 engine coolant sensor any help would be great thanks
  3. Engines
    I have modus 1.2 16 valve engine noise which i have traced to alternator belt tensioner bearing ,i have read on the net that this is common fault on this engine and that renault have admitted it ,is this true and if so should i contact them ,the engine has only done 27000 miles not good that...
  4. Electronics
    I have a 2002 Kangoo 1.9D when starting the glow plug light comes on as normal and goes out as normal. Sometimes it will start and drive normal, but other times the light will come back on. If you start with the light on the engine runs at a faster idle speed and you cannot drive above 20km/h...
  5. Electronics
    does anyone know if a 57 Scenic computer can be reprogrammed to allow you to start the car when the boot is open (it has a renault card and is an automatic so is in park). When I press the start button the screen says "Boot Open" and the car refuses to start until I close the boot. Cheers T.
  6. Engines
    started the car as normal, drove a hlaf mile, and the orange engine management light started flashing (the one in the ref counter) quote james may: oh co*k drove 100 yards and said light went out..... gone the 15 miles to work and all seems fine. someone does have a fault code reader here, so i...
1-6 of 6 Results