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  1. intermitent non-starting driving me crazy! espace 2.2dci starter not engaging

    Good evening people, Ive got an annoying intermittent problem on our espace 2005 2.2dci. Sometimes it will start fine. but more and more recently, generally it will not. Basically you press the start button and there's a click but the starter does not engage. I replaced the battery which is...
  2. Laguna III - No air con clutch not engaging

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, Having a small issue with the 2.0dci Mk3 Laguna and info for this car seems to be thin on the ground (or I'm to daft to find it!). I have just had the AC refilled and oiled as it wasn't working but this has not been successful. I was advised the system reported no leaks but upon...
  3. Clio 2 - Steering lock Not engaging

    Steering and Suspension
    So I've just noticed after a few months of owning this car that the steering lock doesn't work. Starts fine, but it seems that the return spring inside doesn't work, it doesn't click when you take the key out. Steering doesn't lock. Ideally I'd just like to repair it, does anyone have any...
  4. Megane 2000 - AC clutch not engaging

    Heating & cooling
    Car model: Megane 2000, BA0402 RXT After 1.5 years without refrigerant gas and recent engine change the AC is not working. The problem is the compressor clutch is not engaging. when giving direct 12V to the clutch, its working. What i did so far: refrigerant gas added (without compressor...
  5. Laguna 2 door latch not engaging

    My drivers door will only close after many attempts at banging it shut, from inside or outside. The door keep is solid and immovable, the catch mechanism is free and will easily latch on to a screwdriver and open again with the handle. I live next door to a repair garage (who know my car...
  6. steering lock not engaging

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi On my 03 plate 1.2 16v clio billabong the steering lock isn't engaging when i take the key out,have turned the wheels etc but no joy.Its been in today for mot work (steering rack gator,lower ball joint and outer tie rod) but the garage says it wouldn't be anything they did. New barrel maybe...
  7. 04 Megane II 1.9 DCI A\C clutch isn't engaging.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Everyone The A\C on my Megane was regassed last year this time, it worked perfectly. Earlier this year my turbo charger blew and the car ended up standing for 6 months. After fixing that almost a month ago the A\C doesnt work. It is blowing air but not cold. What strikes me as odd is, i...
  8. Megane 1.4 98 fuel pump not engaging

    Hello again . I went 100 mile round trip the other day and the car run fine , but yesterday morning the car won't start . I can't hear the fuel pump engaging anymore . Does it have a fuse anywhere that has blown ? A week ago i changed the cambelt and oil filter if that makes a difference ...
  9. Clio Mk3 Petrol 1.2 08 - Juddering when engaging First Gear when warm

    This problen is on a 1.2 Clio Mk 3 with 38,000 miles. Car judders and appears to lack power when engaging first gear. Problem only occurs with first gear and only after car has been driven 30 or 40 miles. Any ideas on cause gratefull received
  10. RX4 5th gear not engaging

    I'm new to the forum, but my RX4 forced me to look for places like these. I have an issue with my RX4, when I select 5th gear, the gear lever goes to the 5th gear position, but when I let the foot off the clutch, it's as if the car is in neutral. I have searched the forum for the 5th gear...
  11. clutch pedal failing to return after engaging clutch why? the clutch works fine

    does anyone know why the clutch pedal on my 2002 espace 20i petrol doesnt return to the top when i engage the clutch ?The clutch can be used by "slipping" the clutch and once going the pedal can be lifted by my foot an there is no problem with the clutch but pedal wont return on its own has...
  12. staring motor engaging - laguna

    hi all i have an intermitant starting issue on my laguna 1.9tdi. the starter motor won't engage, but you can hear the starter running and sometimes hear the teeth crashing. if the car is rocked in gear so the engine turn slightly it normally is fine, this lasts to either next time it starts or...
  13. Laguna 2004 2.2 DCI not engaging gear

    Hi Yet another problem with my laguna gear box!! Had a reconed box put it this time last year and new clutch all fine until a couple of days ago was struggling to engage any gear when starting up, when i finally got it in gear was difficult to change gear and clutch was sticking halfway down...
  14. Scenic 1.9 Dci auto handbrake not engaging

    Hi my Mum just came back from the shops with their new to us 2004 1.9Dci. As she drove in there was a handbrake fault come up. The hand brake will now not engage even with the lever. I have had a look and it seems usually with a fault it stays on, is this an indication of the motor unit going. I...
  15. Aircon clutch not engaging

    Heating & cooling
    My Laguna II has a fault in the wiring for the aircon clutch. The compressor was changed by an aircon garage but still didn't work :confused: I cannot find any wiring diagrams for the circuit. The car was diagnosed by Renault who reported that there were 2 open circuits in the fed from the ECU...
  16. Auto box not engaging lock-up ?

    So you may have noted a couple of weeks back that my Espace 3 dished out the indignity of leaking from a heater matrix, involving removal of the whole dash board. It's not actually been in use for around 3 weeks now, fixed a week ago but I've not used it as I've been away since. The battery...
  17. 02 1.9 dCi Megane, gearbox not engaging any gears

    Hi there I drove last night to the office... but didn't manage to drive back. The car simply didn't engage any gear. It was actually all rather interesting, but for the unhappy implications: - if I would try to push it in 1st, although the gearbox would not engage, the car would start slightly...
  18. trafic not engaging sixth

    i just bought a 2002 renault trafic when driving if you select 6th it has no drive? i was told could be the cables but im not convinced any help would be apreciated
  19. 2002 1.9 trafic not engaging sixth gear?

    sorry if this is in the wrong place this is my first post. i just bought a 2002 renault trafic when driving if you select 6th it has no drive? i was told could be the cables but im not convinced any help would be apreciated
  20. engaging forward gears

    Hi i have a nissan primastar which i believe is all renault can any confirm this. The other question i have is should you be able to select any of the forward gears when the reverse collar is lifted on the gear stick or is this faulty i was rightly or wrongly under the impression that by lifting...