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  1. Engines
    Hello everyone. I bright a Renault grand scenic last week. 1.5dci 2011.(Sold as seen) today when I started it 'check injector system' came up on my dash. I had a little look under the bonnet to see if I could see anthing out of the ordinary. But I saw a loose bracket of some sort. Could anyone...
  2. Electronics
    can anyone help here, im looking for the fuse details for the engine compartment fuse box in a 2004 renault espace 1.9Dci, in there wisdom renault have obviously decided that its not necessary to put a diagram in the fuse box lid top, as most other manufacturers do. so either a picture with the...
  3. Engines
    Not sure if this should be electronics or here. But here goes was looking at a megane to buy today Mk1 phase 2 like mine and when listening to the engine I hear a buzzing noise it sounded like a blubottle was in there somewhere it seemed to be coming from the plastic housing behind the...
1-3 of 3 Results