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engine managament light

  1. EGR valve rotate or replace 2004 megane 1.9 dci

    Good evening, if i replace or rotate the EGR valve on my 2004 megane 1.9dci will the engine management light go out automatically or will i have to have it reset by an auto electrician ? also any advice on rotate or replace ? thanks
  2. 2001 Scenic 1.9dci non start

    Hi wonder if anyoune can help! I have a 2001 Scenic 1.9dci that does not show engine management light or glow plug light and will not start (turns over ok). I cannot get any comms with engine management to check fault codes. Does anyone have pin data for engine ecu regarding feeds and...
  3. clio 1.2 over revs and engine and stop light coming on ?? help

    my clio is over reving its about 1700 revs and the car is driving itself and the engine management light is coming on and the stop light aswell do you have any ideas what this might be ?
  4. Renault Clio 2 - 1.4 16 Valve EML Illuminated*FIXED*

    Hi all, I require your assistance again. I have a Y reg (2001) Clio 1.4 16v with the k4j engine and when driving home from today a warning light came on. The owners handbook says is the warning light for monitoring exhaust gas. Its the symbol that illuminates orange that looks like a enginge...
  5. Clio 182 Engine Management Light/External Temperature Guage

    Hi, I drive a 54 plate Clio 182 and have recently returned from a work destination which had 6ft of snow fall over night. Car was buried under it for 2 days. Within a day of driving the car after digging it out of the snow the Engine Management Light has come on and the external temperature...
  6. Reset Engine Management Light

    I have a year 2000 Renault Scenic which I bitterly regret. I promise I have searched for over an hour on this site to see an answer for my problem but can't see any answers that helps me. I have had my car to the garage 6 times with the engine management light on and they say there are no...