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  1. Engines
    Re: engines Video with sound of my RX4 Opinions please guys. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :d :cool: :crazy: :eek: :moonie: :devil: I'm Last!
  2. Kangoo
    God day,n year I am a newby A problem happened the other day I have a 1998 Kangoo-1.9 40 kw F8G,and the service belt lost a bit, and run over timing belt which broke instantly-van in neutral at idle. Don t know what happend inside-have no idea......everyone saying..... bent valves.....will...
  3. Engines
    Hi there same problem here.1998 Kangoo-1.9 40 kw F8G, service belt bit run over timing belt which broke instantly-van in neutral at idle. Don t know what happend inside-have no idea......everyone saying..... bent valves.....will see Spent all afternoon tying to remove the plastic air inlet...
  4. Engines
    Hi all, just after some info on dirty diesel engines if anyone knows please? Basically my kangoo has died and I need a k9k. After looking through eBay and seeing that Renault seem to have hundreds of different variants seemingly defined by the last 3 numbers of the code? I was wondering if there...
  5. Engines
    Affected Models - Renault - Clio III, modus, Kangoo II, Megane III, Scenic III, Langua III Refer Non Coded Action Bulletin 01/01/2014 - 30/06/2014 available on DVSA website at in...
  6. Engines
    Hi all I have a 09 master I bought with a knackered engine. I've been looking for an replacement/ recon engine for it but I can't find one with the same code G9u b730. Can I use any of the other G9u engines? Many thanks.
  7. Engines
    Can you tell me the bhp for M9R 780, M9R 782 and M9R 786 engines please?
  8. Engines
    i am looking to replace my K4J 710 engine as it needs a new cylinder head, i have been told that a 712 engine will not work, however every place seems to group the 710 and 712 engine together, are they the same? if not what is the difference? my clio is a mk 2 1.4 16v dynamique. thanks :)
  9. Engines
    Ive recently bought a 1997 Renault Express Van with 1.9 diesel engine (non turbo)(Sold as Renault Extra in UK). The engine is fitted with a Bosch diesel pump.The timing belt has snapped and I can see there is valve damage at the minimum. Rather than rebuild the engine I am considering replacing...
  10. Engines
    Hi and firstly thank you for your time. Long story short, I've been looking for an induction kit for my 55 plate M2 P2 Laguna GT 205! I've kind of settled on the idea of a Pipercross Viper kit! After weeks and possibly months of searching and emails, I can't find one! Finally I've found one for...
  11. Cars & motoring
    I have a 5 year old Grand Modus 1.5 dCi, and having done only 52,000 miles it would not start, and the result was that I had to have the fuel injectors replaced at a cost of over £1500. I do not think that this fault should occur at this low mileage. Renault said that there was no manufacturing...
  12. Engines
    Hi guys, i know there is a few differences between the 1.5dci like pump injectors and internals etc. But is there any internal or major differences between the 1.9 dci engine? Also does anybody know of a big power 1.9 dci knocking about as im hoping for 200bhp but there only seems to be one...
  13. Engines
    Hi,i have a renault megane convertible 1.6 petrol 05 plate. my problem is intermittent engine stalling and hard to restart. the car will run sweet as a nut and then the revs die down and no matter how hard i try to accelerate it just wont steady up. once engine has stopped if i try to restart it...
  14. Heating & cooling
    I just wanted to tell everyone that if they are replacing the water pump, the genuine water pump contains a metal sealing gasket with a thin layer of rubber on both sides. It is much quicker and neater as no RTV sealant is required. I wanted to make a list for all gaskets for different engines...
  15. Engines
    Hello everyone. I am hoping to find out some info with regards to K9K engines Last week my megane 2006 106 1.5DCi decided to throw a conrod out of the block for unknown reasons to me. My question is will any K9K engine fit my car and allow me to use all my current anciliaries. I believe my...
  16. Cars & motoring
    Hi all, A got Scenic 2, but now its the time to enlarge the family with one Clio 3. Questions are - 1. What are the technical differences between 2009/2011 - i think this is phase 1 and phase 2 ? /I am looking to buy one but seems to be different outside?/ so, is 1000 Euros extra wort it ...
  17. Engines
    Ok so I bought a bottle of this Liqui Moly stuff and have yet to try it (3 months ago) Not sure in directions on how to use it if anyone has tried this and has a link to a video on how to use for a 1.9 DCi engine I would be grateful
  18. Engines
    hi I have a 2004 renault Megane with the bottom end gone, looking for a cheap replacement engine, but seem a lot of different types!!! Had one garage tell me they had an engine from a Laguna that would fit another told me they had one from a scenic but both have different numbers after the...
  19. Engines
    I have an oil leak that requires a sump change to begin with,(another story, another thread) can anyone tell me if the sump is the same for: F9Q 804 - F9Q 800 engines. Thank you!
1-19 of 206 Results