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  1. England ( might as well start early )

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    I met a fairy today who granted me one wish. I want to live forever I said, Sorry said the fairy, I am not allowed to grant wishes like that. Fine I said, I want to die when England win the World Cup, "You crafty barsteward!" said the fairy. :grin2::grin2:
  2. CAN CLIP in North East of England

    Hello. Wondering if there is anyone willing to help clear the numerous errors on my Grand Scenic '05 dashboard? Many thanks indeed.
  3. Greetings from WY, England, UK.

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    Hello All Today I had my first commute to work by car. My Car is a Renault Laguna 2005. It has just passed its MOT, still I want to give it a Service. Changing the Engine Oil and Fuel Filter. I wanted to start a thread at the Laguna section, but apparently I am not allowed (no permissions...
  4. North East England - recommended garages?

    Hi guys, I'm after any recommendations for garages up here - within a reasonable radius of postcode area TS28 - to give my Coupe a little TLC... Any responses very much appreciated! :)
  5. England exits Euro2012

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    The worth of words of William Wordsworth... We must be free or die who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spake, the faith and morals hold which Milton held. Do they still apply?
  6. England Rugby Team

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    I see the England Rugby team have announced 3 new sponsers, 1 from the petro/chem industry, 1 from the fashion trade & 1 from parcel distribution. From now on they will play with "Total FC UK UPS" on their shirts
  7. C'mon England!

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    c'mon england
  8. The England team line up for tomorrow !

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :d
  9. World Cup....Aussies to finish higher than England

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    Stirring the pot here. We will beat you lot. :d
  10. Supporting England

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    MARS BAR RENAMED MARS bars are being renamed Believe to rally England fans for the World Cup. Bosses hope it will inspire England to emulate Bobby Moore's 1966 World Cup win with England. The chocolate bar will change later this month for the first time since it was made in 1920 and will...
  11. 12 points out of 12 for england.............

    Good effort! :d Keep it up!!!
  12. England 5 - 1 Kazakhstan

    Good result but tbh didn't think much of England at times, and a pathetic goal to let in. I didn't watch all of it but still. Took till after 75 mins I think before we went more than 2-1 up. Still, should be a good boost to their confidence for future games, or hopefully anyway, we'll see.
  13. England Win!!

    Well at last we played a decent game of football by the sounds of it, of course I was unable to watch it as it was on Saltana!! does anyone actually have this channel? cant believe anyone would pay extra for it. Anyway back to the footy, really happy for Theo, at last someone has had the guts to...
  14. Scotland v England - cold

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    50F degrees People in southern England turn on the central heating People in Edinburgh plant out bedding plants 40F degrees Southerners shiver uncontrollably Glaswegians sunbathe on the beach at Largs 35F degrees Cars in the south of England refuse to start People in Falkirk drive...
  15. Changing beam pattern for England

    I use beam deflectors when visiting England but have found this :- Has anyone done this? FC
  16. Scotland 15 - 9 England (Sat)

    I presume Englandshire are run away favourites to win the match ? Date: Saturday, 8 March Kick-off: 1515 GMT Venue: Murrayfield, Edinburgh BBC Coverage: Live on BBC One, BBCi, Radio 5 Live and BBC Sport website (video UK users only)
  17. Fabio Capello England glory will cost FA

    I really feel there should be more English input within the assistants/coaching staff :crazy: :crazy: Money tho Fabio Capello England glory will cost FA - Football News - Telegraph
  18. England back in Euro 08!!

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  19. England football team name change

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    England football team have been renamed from The three Lions to the Three tampons. Well they have been through a bad period.
  20. Celtic Cup to begin without England

    Celtic Cup to begin without England - Football News - Telegraph " The Celtic Cup, a tournament involving Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, will begin a three-year trial period in 2009. "