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  1. Electronics
    can any one tell me why when i start my 2010 clio a voice comes on saying "langauage english .
  2. Electronics
    I recently bought an '05 LHD French Scenic 2 auto for use in France after having two RHD cars in UK and liking them. I've exported a 54 reg Scenic 2 from UK to Australia and changed the computer from mph to kph myself using the instructions from a friendly UK Renault dealer who serviced the car...
  3. Cars & motoring
    Hello, Does one have to change the english headlights on a Laguna to French in order to obtain a Control Tecnique and a letter of conformity for INSURANCE purposes. The reason being, we will be returning to the UK within the year and are disinclined to change the headlights for such a short...
  4. Engines
    I'm a new proud owner of a 2006 Renault Grand Scenic in the German speaking part of Europe. I would like to know if (and how) I could change the settings of this car to show me all dash indicators in English. I understand very little (next to nothing) German. Many thanks in advance!
  5. Computer Club
    Can anyone help? I want to read this french forum: I have an account, which works fine when viewing the forum directly (in french!) However, when I stick that url into babel Fish (in order to get an english translation), it then can't see the site cookie and...
  6. Formula 1 news
    :MORE @ Now it's not often that me and Ron see eye to eye, but I have to say :iagree:
  7. Football
  8. General Chat
    Scots' prescriptions cut to £5 the same day English charges are RAISED to £7.10
  9. General Chat
    Dont know if this has already been posted, just come across it. We’ve been robbed of our Englishness | Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
  10. Computer Club
    can anyone help in setting the dictionary in office 2003 to English (UK), I have set the default language to UK but am unable to set the dictionary, it keeps defaulting to US.:confused:
  11. Cars & motoring
    Hi! I bought used Renault Megane with 1,6 engine. As I have never had renault before I need to check some things out from user manual, but I got polonaise edition with my car, but I really don't understand polish. Does anyone know where I can get english version of this manual? Maybe there is...