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  1. engne over heat now whistling

    I am not sure how but the other day I stopped the car outside my house and noticed a little steam coming from under the hood. It looked like alot of collant had leaked out, and when I went to remove the coolant cap it was loose already. I topped it up and it had lost maybe pint of liquid, but...
  2. Renault Megane Scenic Engne Mount 1.4 16v petrol not DCI

    Hi All, Need some help. How much play should there be in the top engine mount? As i can move it backwards and forwards quite a lot I ask as i have a loud clonking noise on the side of the car every now and then. Its not ball joints ot anti roll bar links. A quick rsponse would be much...
  3. just fitted ne engne in megane scenic it turns but is wont fire up

    can somebody help me ive just fitted a engine in a megan scenic 1998 it turns but it just wont fire up i dont think the injectors are fires but can someone help me
  4. Laguna 1.9 dci engne external waterpump

    Hi, i have just been offered a engine that that is claimed to off come from a laguna 1.9 dci the engine code is f9q but the guy says it has an external water pump? i dont know if this is different or not, my car is a 2003 1.9 dci 120bhp, do all lagunas have external water pumps? urgent advice needed
  5. feels like engne strain/no pulling power

    My clio 1.4 auto 2001 reg car which i bought recently feels like under strain,as if there is no pulling power.Air filters are brand new.No warning/tell tale lights on.I gethtis feeling when i am starting the car and below 30-40 MPH.Car touches 70 easily.What next should I check up? Or is it...