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  1. General Chat
    Hi everybody ! Can you please check you have entered the 'In My Garage' section of the membership/dashboard & also that details are up to date. In the last few days we have had several OP's with blank info & others showing details of vehicles past. A lot of members here go to a lot of...
  2. Rallying news
    I think the Megane should be entered in the WRC because it would be a good comeback and also the Renault will give it to the Citreons and show who is the most supreme in France at the sport :D
  3. Electronics
    I have a '98 Scenic RT, I've the manual and warranty booklets with the radio code written in, I worked out that I had to enter the code using the stick on the steering wheel, then held the mute button for a few seconds but the display reads CODE as the code I've entered is incorrect but it's the...