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  1. Espace IV certain computers not entering dialogue

    4 computers are not recognised on the multiplex circuit: 1. INJECTION 2. PARKING BRAKE 3. INSTRUMENT PANEL 4. UCH Fault finding says first check power to the relevant computers. i have wiring diagrams, but do not know which lines should carry power on the 4 above. Can someone help,please...
  2. Entering Radio Code?

    I have a Cabasse Auditorium Tronic. I need to enter the code. I have figured out how to enter it with the thumb wheel thing and move to the next digit but do you need to do something like 'ok' to proceed? Will it just automatically kick in when I enter the last correct digit? I'm not sure if my...
  3. Water entering in at boot door

    2006 renault espace 2.0 T, I have droplets of water trickling in when I open the boot lid.It seams to be coming in at the top mouldings, any ideas?
  4. Entering a radio code

    I arrived in Spain to a "dead" Megane at the airport last week. The car has been fixed but has no working radio. I was asked for the radio code & now have it but the radio continues to display "error" despite the fact I have not tried to enter any code myself yet. Does anyone know how to get it...
  5. Messed up entering radio code

    Had flat battery so had to enter radio code. However, between me and the wife we managed to get it wrong so many times that the system is locked - just says 'Error'. Can anyone help this complete wally please?
  6. Entering radio code on Lag II dynamique 1.8

    Hi should be simple enough but i removed the battery without thinking about the codes etc. Luckily i have found the code on service book, but theres no instructions on how to put it in. When i press the power to the radio its comes up asking for the code, i press the numbers but nothing seems...
  7. ERROR message after entering wrong code.

    Hi , I entered the wrong radio code in the Megane radio and now the display says error , just wondering what I need to do to get it back to OOOO so I can enter the correct code. Thanks in advance for advise anybody can give me.
  8. Help Entering Radio Code

    04 1.4 Scenic How do you Enter Radio Please.
  9. Entering Radio Code

    Hi Folks, I changed the battery on my Megane II (2003),and now i am trying to get the radio working again.It's the radio and CD changer that's fitted in ours.Under the flap of the owner manual there is the chassis number and a four digit number (i assume this is the radio code).I enter the four...
  10. Scenic 99 Entering invalid radio code 3 times and immolight flashes

    Hi, I have a Renault Scenic 99` and I am quite confused. After a battery replacement I needed to enter the radio code, I entered it unfortunately wrong 3 times and no everything has freezed, It says "code" in the radio display and it does not work to enter any new codes ( I got the right code...
  11. Entering Radio Code on Renault Clio Radio (No Display)

    In Car Entertainment
    Car: 2003 Renault Clio MK2 Radio: Other facts: I know my radio code; My Clio (Authentique) does not have a display, so I can't see what I'm inputting. Having searched and tried, and then searched these forums and tried some more...
  12. entering the radio code

    Recently acquired a Clio Alize and it stood so the battery went flat and the radio dropped the code. I have the code number but don't have a step by step procedure to put it into the radio and then tell the radio "thats the code - please accept" All ideas will be welcomed!
  13. Renault Laguna 1 - Entering Radio Code

    Hi there everbody, my battery recently went flat on my 1999 Renault laguna RTI After jump starting the stereo was asking me for a code which i have but it wolud not let me enter it. Since reading various posts i followed instructions to hold down buttons 2 and 5 whilst switching it on again...
  14. Laguna Cabasse radio code entering

    I have been trying to enter my radio code, yet on the display apart from the word 'code' and the time, i do not get a number for the code entering. Is there anything i can do??
  15. Entering Radio Code for 2004 Renault Laguna 1.9dci

    How do you enter the radio code for Renault Laguna 1.9dci, Dec 2003 reg?
  16. Laguna MK1 - Entering Emergency Code

    Recently one of my Renault PLIP keys failed, which could have left me stranded had my wife not been with me and who had her keys with her. 3 days later and after having spent many frustrating hours trying to obtain relevant information from Renault dealers I eventually managed to figure out an...
  17. Renault Megane 1 - Entering Radio Code*FIXED*

    Hi all. Looking for some help inputting a radio code. Now i know the the inputting of the code using stalk or radio face. My problem is that the display comes up with CODE and that is, it does not change to 0000 to allow me to input code. Have tried holding the botton down restart engine etc...
  18. Entering radio code clio 172 sports 2003

    Got the code and can enter the numbers using the buttons 1 -4 but how do i finalise the entry so radio accepts said code ?:confused:
  19. Have to keep entering Radio code

    Afternoon guys, I've got a 2000 Laguna I which I recently put a different stereo in. It din't wok too well so I replaced the factory Radio. I've input the radio code fine so the stereo works, however each time I start the car I need to re enter the code before it will work. Apart from this...
  20. Water entering the car

    I have noticed that water is now collecting inside the car whenever it rains. I can also hear a rattling noise of what appears to be trapped water in a container underneath the car when it is in motion. I thought it was a noise from the petrol tank but filling the tank does not eliminate the...