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  1. Keyless entry not up to scratch..

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  2. Renault Keyless Entry - Theft Risk?

    It's being reported today that theft of keyless entry cars is costing insurance companies £1million per day. My Megane 3 has keyless entry and starting which I do use. However, the use of these relay devices seems to need a continuous signal from the keycard or fob to be able to facilitate the...
  3. Formula 1 Full 2019 entry list

  4. 2017 Clio - Keyless Entry Problem

    The 'rubber' button on the drivers door which allows keyless unlocking has stopped working - keyless entry still works on the passenger door and the rear hatch, so it seems to be the drivers door equipment rather than the key. It unlocks using the unlock button on the keyfob. Time for a trip...
  5. Keyless entry works on all doors except drivers

    Ask the Experts
    Hi everyone, I have a 2013 Mégane Sports Tourer GT Line and the central locking packed up on the drivers side door. Dodgy solenoid I was told. Rather than pay Renault about £300 I bought a 2nd hand one from a scrap yard and a mate replaced it. All the doors lock and unlock with the key card...
  6. Cover for keyless entry sensor - where can I get a replacement?

    General Chat
    Hi all, Does anybody happen to know where I can get a replacement for the middle part in the picture. I believe it's the sensor cover for the door lock (took a pic of the side that still has it). Noticed that it fell off about 2 days ago. Searched online but can't find anything apart from a...
  7. Keyless entry oddity grand scenic 2

    2006 grand scenic oasis 1.5 Sometime last year at the start of winter the keyless entry on drivers side stopped working. Would not open and would not lock by the buttons. Passenger side was still functioning normally. Yesterday I tried the drivers side and magically it opened but would not lock...
  8. Laguna 3 keyless entry trouble

    Hi guys, me again... Just replaced the battery on my key fob as I was getting a warning on the dash. Used the same type of battery (cr2036 iirc) and the keyless entry is now playing up for both keycards. I used to just be able to put my hand in front of the sensors on the doors and they'd...
  9. Keyless entry and ignition

    Hi folks, I have two keys for my Laguna ii. One worked as a remote key where it would open all doors and boot and start the car without being inserted in to the card reader but the other (spare key I presume) needed to have the buttons pressed to unlock the doors and had to be in the card reader...
  10. NAKEI (not another keyless entry issue)

    Hi all. As the title suggests, I'm having an issue with my keylessness on my mk2 scenic. Started playing up yesterday by not letting me unlock the car on both the remote buttons and the sensors on the door handles. After a little fiddling with the remote, it unlocked on the passenger door...
  11. Keyless entry stopped working on rear doors

    Hi! I'm a (not so) proud owner of a 2011 Megane Sport Tourer... Besides having issues with the EDC gearbox I've recently discovered that the car will not unlock if I put my hands on the rear handles. The sensors on the front doors are still working fine though, just as the electric windows on...
  12. Grand Scenic III enable auto entry

    I notice that my car has sensors behind the door handles, presumably to provide auto entry. But it's not working. Does this require something to be enabled on the key card, or re-programming the card, or a new card entirely? In the past I know that dealers charge a hefty amount for key...
  13. keyless entry transmitter location

    Hi I have a 54 plate Scenic 2, 1.9dci. I am trying to locate the transmitters for the keyless entry system I have been told there should be 4, I have found the one in the boot but can not find any others, Can anyone help
  14. Install aftermark Keyless entry module on Megane Coach 97'

    Hello again everyone! After posting few of my problems, thanks to ppl here I solved them with no problems :) so here I am again trying to install aftermark keyless entry on my 97' Megane. Since my original IR module died buying new one or used ( prices are almost the same ) I decided to buy one...
  15. keyless entry??

    hi all, just joined as i have bought a laguna 05 diesel estate initiale, it has keyless entry but only works on the drivers door, none of the other doors do anything, i previously had a laguna with keyless entry and never had a problem....but this one just unlocks the drivers...
  16. Scenic 2 keyless entry issue

    Hello, 2007 1.6 scenic. Strange one this. When the car has been locked and I try to open the rear passenger door it does not trigger the automatic unlocking of the car. If i then open any of the other doors it remains locked and can only be unlocked with the remote, however..... if any of the...
  17. Keyless Entry stopped working

    The key-less entry has stopped working on my Megane... well, to be more precise, using the doors doesn't work, but the boot does. I've tried a different (although not new) battery and that hasn't made a difference (battery in the key card). It doesn't work for either key-cards... Any ideas what...
  18. Lag III Keyless Entry

    I have a 2009 LAG III, i have an issue with the keyless entry. all works fine and as expected until the temperature drops (below around 2deg) then the car wont unlock keyless except the boot/tailgate window. It opens fine with key key and locks ok keyless just wont open. Anyone else had this...
  19. Keyless entry issues

    Anyone know how to turn dash off while I'm sat in the car waiting?
  20. Renault Megane 3 Keyless entry problem

    Hi Guys, Happy ne year! My 09 Megane 2.0 tce 180, has always (I think) had a problem since I purchased it 6 months ago, second hand. Now when I say I think, my parents have a megane 3 (1.5d) and their car unlocks as soon as you put your hand behind the door handle. Mine however has always...