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  1. An epic nine years on Renault forums..

    General Chat
    Happy anniversary Noel its been 9 years..[madnoel10] always a pleasure to read your posts and definitely no Corky posts from you..:d
  2. Kangoo 1.9D Lucas Epic problems

    So i had the typical issue with DFO66 code.1st start no accelerator 2nd all good.Then glow light coming up and losing accelerator.bought Compensation Kit Delphi 9109-934 .25mm shim etc.Now codes have gone but it takes about 3 seconds to get revs up in neutral.What i would like to know is if the...
  3. Lucas Epic Injector pump redbuild

    General tuning
    Rebuilding a Lucas epic diesel pump, would like help identifying how to line up pistons, crosses and basket before putting both sides of pump together. Thanks. Pics following.
  4. Race - Hamilton defeats Rosberg in epic desert duel

    Formula 1 news Hamilton beat Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg to victory after an epic race-long battle under the Bahrain floodlights on Sunday, with the pair trading places on numerous occasions and crossing the line just one second apart. Behind...
  5. 2001 Kangoo 1.9D P0120 Code - Lucas Epic Fly-By-Wire Pump

    Hi all, I have a 2001 Ex-British Gas Kangoo 1.9D that I have been doing up over the last few weeks and have come across an issue. The ECU has a P0120 code on it. This came about when idling on the driveway. The Glow Plug light came on and instantly the engine revs increased to around 1500rpm. I...
  6. Has anyone ever carried out a Lucas EPIC diesel pump mod?

    Hi there, first post so thanks for looking. Site was removed! Please do not circulate copyrighted material anywhere on RenaultForums. This includes public areas of the forum and private messages (PMs) We can not stress highly enough how important it is that this rule is not broken It seems...
  7. Kangoo 1.9D with Lucas Epic. Non starter.

    Hi all, new to this forum but have a few years experience (about 15) in the motor trade. I'm having issues with a Kangoo 1.9D (F8Q engine) fitted with a Lucas Epic pump. The engine turns over and fires very first turn but then doesn't run and no matter how long you crank it, it doesn't offer to...
  8. Canada - 2011

    Formula 1 news Monaco race may have ended in the barriers on Sunday, but Renault's Vitaly Petrov is confident he will be well enough to compete at the forthcoming Canadian event. Petrov was caught up in a collision between McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and...
  9. Clio II '98 epic DS front wheel noise

    Wheels & tyres
    I'm totally stumped and wondering if anyone has any ideas Ive got a Clio mk2, 1998, 1.2 8v, totally standard, 60k miles if this is of any importance ?! About 2 months ago a low pitched squealing starting coming from the drivers front wheel area. It only happens when you hit about 30mph and get...
  10. Top 100 Epic fails of 2010

    Post your fails here... I'll start with this..Ic_GMsxyduY&feature=related
  11. Conficker :: NHS epic fail

    Computer Club
    Staff at hospitals across Sheffield are battling a major computer worm outbreak after managers turned off Windows security updates for all 8,000 PCs on the vital network, The Register has learned. It's been confirmed that more than 800 computers have been infected with self-replicating...
  12. I got bored, An epic event happened!

    General Chat
    I had a little time this afternoon and I was bored. No kitchen fitters here for the rest of the day, Nothing on telly.... Me being bored is a dodgy and dangerous thing. I do things like teach myself to cook a roast etc..... .....So...... I turned this.... Into this! Well Ladies...