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  1. Starting problem and driving problem

    When it's cold car wont throws up both indicators and orange spanner on dash board with solid red light. But after turning key few times it starts. Also when driving the dash shows that all the doors are open and when they key is taken out the cars engine still runs. But goes off when...
  2. Stereo error

    Hello I have a 2004 clio and when I put the stock radio in it shows error where the code part should be I leave the car on for 20-30 mins but then it just beeps and turns off. I have tried to put a aftermarket one in and it won’t power on it just tried to eject cds. Any help please
  3. Renault Wind 2010 Roof Issues

    when I turn the ignition on every single time dashboard give me an error saying check roof. the way I have been getting around this is I have to unlock the roof handle, push the open roof button down for 2 secs then close it again. this is the only way I can drive the car with roof normal...
  4. Renault Megane I 1.6 16V Automatic Transmission Error 9G

    Ask the Experts
    Hello guys I have a problem with a Renault Megane I 1.6 16V (K4M701 engine, DP0 Automatic Transmission). After a short time i turn on ignition it starts to buzz and the D (for DRIVE position) is blinking on the dashboard, but car is in P. I can switch the position and it also accepts the...
  5. 2011 2.0 dCI (150PS) - Boost circuit engine errors under load

    Hi there, I have a 2011 Renault Grand Espace 2.0 dCI (150PS), few months it has developed rather intermittent issue which results in engine check light coming on and the car loosing power (eventually going to limbo mode). Here is what I know: - RAC recovered the car twice, read DF569 code...
  6. Error DF271 - malfunctional key?

    Hi guys, I have the problem, that my car mostly does not start (Renault Megane I 1.6 16V Break year 12/2000, K4M701 Engine, DP0041 Automatic Transmission). It tries to start engine but does not fire. Reading out the errror it says DF271. Could the reason be a malfunctional key (Immobilizer), or...
  7. Error code P0380 generic glow plug circuit a

    Hello, first post. I didn***8217;t bother joining Nissan forum as not too many interstars around. 2009 2.5dxi 100. Changed battery as it couldn***8217;t hold a charge. Since then it***8217;s had sluggish starting. Error code on iPhone OBD reader is P0380. Changed plugs, changed glow plug relay...
  8. Radio error message problem **Fixed**

    I recently had some work done on my Laguna Mk ll which involved disconnecting the battery. When I came to reset the radio I entered the incorrect code and now the display just shows 'Error' when I switch on. I have tried disconnecting the battery again to see if I could enter the correct code...
  9. Dpf blocked exaust gas pressure error codes

    General Chat
    I have been having issues over the past few months with error codes STOP ENGINE FAILURE (BIG RED) etc Gas pressure sensor error codes Now fixed after checking all pipes and sensors readings all being ok. First issue thermostat not working correctly needs to get to 90 deg half way on clock. Next...
  10. Engine failure hazard error coming in Renault capture

    Dear Team, i have purchased capture from India last 10 months. before 15 days i was going with my car and suddenly error is coming engine failure hazard. at that time i was called too your service center and my car was picked up for service. i have received my car tomorrow, today morning i m...
  11. Clio MK3 Check injection and check emissions error

    Ask the Experts
    Hello all Got an MK3 Clio 1.4 which is currently playing silly beggars with me.:crying2::crying2: My car has a habit of cutting out when it has first started in the morning but when it tells me to select neutral on the computer to restart the car, i can just press the accelerator pedal a bit...
  12. Can UCH error (on megane II) prevent car from starting?

    Cars & motoring
    Hello have several error codes (read by Autel Diaglink) DF005: weak card battery, checked it, is new. DF010: combined stalk unther steering wheel circuit...... DF004: stop switch circuit I have removed the electrical ,box near the battery (right hand of accu if standing in front of car.)...
  13. Renault Laguna 3 1.5 DCI - Getting P1088 and P0380 Error

    Hi Everyone, I got 'Check Injection System' error on dashboard and car loss power (looks like it's goes to safe drive mode) when I restart car again, then 'Check Injection System' not displayed and again I can drive as normal. 2008 Renault Laguna 3 1.5 DCI Royale 110 BHP 05DR (Diesel) I shown...
  14. Cabasse Auditorium Tronic locked

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Clio 3 dynamique S, the radio was locked showing error all the time. after buying the code from Renault, I followed some instructions I found online (waiting 15 mins, unplug the battery for few minutes) with no luck, I contacted again Renault and they said the radio...
  15. 2005 Modus Intermittent Battery Charge fault error.

    Hi, I have a 2005 Modus that intermittently brings up the Battery charge fault error on the dashboard and the STOP warning light. There seems to be no pattern to when or why this happens. I can be driving at 70mph down the motorway and it'll come on for 10/20seconds, or I can be idling at...
  16. Radio Error Code

    Hi, I***8217;ve recently had ***8216;USB Error***8217; code appear in my 13 plate scenic, it still charges my phone however unable to load anything through the system such as music, online radio ect Anyone able to advise? I***8217;ve changed the cable to a brand new one, still same issue. Thanks!
  17. "PARKING BRAKE FAULT" Error Code OBD2 Reset Renault Laguna 1.5Dci Mk3 2011

    Can anyone help with this problem, it is a Renault laguna Mk3 1.5dci 2011 and the dash says "Parking Break Fault" message codes , also the electronic handbreak red light Flashes... how do i correct and get rid of this message ? what is the best OBD2 tool to reset it ... any help i would be...
  18. clio 0.9 tce error codes

    hi i have a 2013 clio 0.9 tce. once the car has been started and idles for around 2-3 mins if you press the gas pedal, the revs start to become uneven. revs can go to 2000rpm and sit there for awhile then drop and start jumping from 1500rpm down to 600rpm and that will just carry on and on...
  19. clio 2009 1.5dci 100ks DF641 error

    Hello and nice to be on this forum i have to say :grin2: so i am from Croatia and buy a "new" car and have some problems :D So this is my first disel engine and i have some problems with disel engines aperently :) the car have 200,000+km and everything runs fine except i get service light with...
  20. Renault master 2006 Link error when connecting OBD2

    Re Renault master minibus 2006 2.5dci. The minibus has been serviced but i can't reset the serv light to see if any error codes are present. Although the van runs great i obviously need see if i have any faults. When connecting my OBD2 reader to look for error codes all im getting is a link...